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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Stay Healthy and Travel Happy with Acupuncture!

Wherever you’re traveling, acupuncture is a great idea! 

Traveling can be so much fun, and it’s always smart to have a plan to keep you healthy! Here’s a helpful travel tip — before your trip, acupuncture treatments work to boost and strengthen your immunity. Acupuncture heals imbalances in your immune system and also restores energy channels that have become disrupted.

Your immune system then functions at an optimal level and your body stays healthy, even if your seatmate is making sniffling sounds.

Another benefit of acupuncture treatments before your trip is motion sickness relief. Motion sickness is very common, especially on boats. When your brain gets conflicting signals, and your eyes sense relative stillness, but your balance and position centers sense motion, this can spell trouble on the high seas, or in the air. Acupuncture treats motion sickness, often with immediate success, preventing the nausea and vertigo. Many cruise ships have licensed, on-board practitioners that can assist you if you are heavily affected by motion sickness.

Are you a nervous traveler? Many people experience nerves before and often during travel. Acupuncture helps with that, too!

Acupuncture is a powerful treatment for relieving anxiety — it is highly effective in treating emotional problems, and it also addresses the physical, relieving the headachesupset stomach, muscle aches, insomnia, and irritability that anxiety and stress can cause.

The resulting effect from acupuncture is a feeling of relaxation, calm and an overall sense of well-being. What a great way to start a trip!

After your trip, acupuncture is also a great ally. Resetting the body clock using acupuncture can help ease jet lag symptoms. Getting a treatment can definitely help restore your equilibrium, and relieve fatigue. You’ll want to get acupuncture within 24 hours or so of landing in order for it to be most effective. This will give you an immunity boost, as well!

Acupuncture stimulates blood flow, making it especially helpful in treating the stiffness and soreness associated with jet lag and uncomfortable beds or seats. The body always feels very relaxed afterwards allowing you to have a wonderful night’s sleep.  

Whether you’re traveling or curling up at home with a good book as an escape, get set to stay healthy and enjoy the season with acupuncture!

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