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Acupuncture Works for Ear Infections, and Even Tigers are Trying it!


Acupuncture Treatments Work
for People’s Earaches
and Now Tigers are Trying it!

An earache is painful, and can really mess up a summer vacation, or even daily life at the zoo! The most common cause of earaches is an infection (either viral or bacterial) inside of the ear canal, but also may be caused by foreign objects (hair, insects, ear wax) lodged inside the ear.

Typical symptoms of primary otalgia (earache) can include fever, dizziness; a feeling of pressure along with pain and tightness on the affected side of the head. And if it gets bad enough… a missed trip to sleep-away camp.

Ear infections usually start a buildup of fluids in the inner or outer ear canal (commonly in the Eustachian tube) that prevents drainage of fluids. Commonly suffered in tandem (or shortly after) a cold, an untreated ear infection can put pressure on the eardrum, which can lead to hearing loss, a ruptured eardrum and other problems.

Otitis Media (middle ear infection or swimmer’s ear) is an infection of the middle ear, and is often a complication of upper respiratory infections. Accompanying inflammation and/or discharge in the ear can cause an obstruction of the eustachian tubes, which causes pain. Allergies, cigarette smoke, and enlarged tonsils can also clog eustacian tubes. If the eustachian tube is blocked and cannot absorb air, a negative pressure is generated.

The negative pressure draws the interstitial fluid into the eustacian tube, which creates a leakage of serous fluids. This effusion can be fertile ground for microbial growth, which causes an infection, which causes more pain and is absolutely no fun at all.

This is where acupuncture can save the day!

Acupuncture is very helpful and can relieve the pain immediately. It can help relieve ear pressure and congestion. The point sites are near the ear area, with a few others included. The treatment does not hurt, and ends the suffering.

Acute otitis media is most common in children, but many other creatures seem to endure this affliction. In fact, veterinarians are trying acupuncture to cure a Sumatran tiger at an Israeli zoo.

Pedang, a male Sumatran tiger, who is 14-years old and suffering from chronic ear infections, was given acupuncture treatments at the Ramat Gan Safari, an open-air zoo, near Tel Aviv, on June 9, 2013. The zoo said other conventional treatments, like antibiotics, failed to cure the infection, which has lasted more than a year.

After Pedang was anesthetized the team of veterinarians cleaned his ears, took blood and skin samples and gave the tiger acupuncture, using points at the tiger’s ears and other locations. This is the first time this treatment has been used at the safari.

Mor Mosinzon, who treated Pedang, said the acupuncture was meant to strengthen his immune system and open his ear canals so that his body can better absorb the antibiotics.

Good luck, Pedang! Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Hope you feel great!

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Author: Andrée Lambertson

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