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Happy New Year! Acupuncture Can Help You with Your Resolutions and Have a Healthy New Year!


Here’s to a Healthy You in 2014!

Happy New Year everybody! Now that it’s a new year, I bet you have a few things on your healthy wish list that you’d like to accomplish…and acupuncture can help you reach your goals!

Let’s say your goal for health this year is to quit smoking. Here are some of the ways acupuncture can help. Research has shown that acupuncture can raise the level of endorphins in the nervous system. Resembling opiates in structure and function, endorphins are the body’s natural pain killers. Cravings and withdrawal symptoms experienced by people giving up smoking or drugs can be alleviated by raising the level of endorphins in the nervous system.

Acupuncture alleviates withdrawal symptoms (including cravings, body aches, headache, nausea, sweating, muscle cramping, etc.) so mental and physical stability are quickly achieved, reduces the physical symptoms of withdrawal, relieves depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Food, smoking, and medication addictions are the ones that are most common and acupuncture certainly gives great results. With smoking, often only one treatment is needed! With medication addiction, a series of treatments over a short period of time is appropriate. 

While it’s usually a tool to aid in relieving illness or disease, acupuncture also works in many ways to aid in weight loss, and it helps quickly to adjust appetite control. Some researchers also believe that the desire to eat is also mediated by the endorphin level in the brain, which would explain why acupuncture helps dieters to control their appetites. Point sites for appetite control are found on the external ear, as well as odd places like the feet, or hands, or even the abdomen. Upper back point sites may be chosen. A complete history and exam is always important to guide in the choice of point sites. Treatments often include other considerations such as metabolism improvements, elimination of fats and fluids, as well as improved diet and exercise advice.

Emotional aspects that underlie can also be addressed with acupuncture. The body has a history that it subconsciously remembers and that can affect its ability to be optimally functioning and healthy. Acupuncture theory can recognize some signs to that history, and how the body is currently affected, and then chose appropriate point sites to give improvement.

Of particular interest is the ability of acupuncture to influence obesity hormones. Research measuring the effectiveness of acupuncture for weight loss found treatments increased ghrelin, a hormone that controls meal initiation and decreased leptin, the hormone that regulates fat storage and metabolism. The release of stress reducing endorphins helps you to manage the challenges of food cravings and weight gain anxiety.

The guiding principal is that acupuncture can give additional power to any other weight control strategy by curbing appetite, quelling cravings, boosting metabolism, improving digestion, regulating obesity-related hormones and enhancing the way nutrients are used. It can unblock energy flows to and from the hypothalamus, the region within the brain that controls the appetite. It also strengthens the function of the liver, the organ that produces many chemicals critical for digestion, processing nutrients and breaking down of fats. Acupuncture may also increase tone in the smooth muscle of the stomach to help people know that they are full. Other benefits? acupuncture also works to clear the mind, build energy, and give a sense of well being.

What a wonderful tool to use! Want to be healthier in the New Year? Try acupuncture!

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