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Montezuma’s Revenge? – Acupuncture Sends the Storm Clouds of Intestinal Distress Away!

Acupuncture Sends the Storm Clouds of Intestinal Distress Away!

Acupuncture Sends the Storm Clouds of Intestinal Distress Away!

You  just HAD to have that Taco Supremo from the Gas Station in Peoria and now your intestines are singing of El Diablo?

Traveler’s diarrhea happens when you consume food or water contaminated with bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Diarrhea is a condition where you pass loose or liquid bowel movements at least three times in one day. Although in most cases it isn’t a serious health issue, it does lead to a loss of fluids, which can have dire consequences, such as dehydration.

Many different strains of viruses and bacteria are responsible for diarrhea along with some types of parasites. Diarrhea is also present in situations in tandem with some more serious medical issues, such as Malabsorption (the inability to absorb food in the colon) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  A number of different treatment options are recommended, and are administered depending on the case and circumstances.

You can take the following precautions to prevent traveler’s diarrhea when you go abroad:

Do not drink any tap water, not even when brushing your teeth.
Do not drink unpasteurized milk or dairy products.
Do not use ice made from tap water.
Avoid all raw fruits and vegetables (including lettuce and fruit salad) unless they can be peeled and you peel them yourself.
Do not eat raw or rare meat and fish.
Do not eat meat or shellfish that is not hot when served to you.
Do not eat food from street vendors.
You can safely drink bottled water (if you are the one to break the seal), carbonated soft drinks, and hot drinks like coffee or tea.

Let’s say you’ve done all these things, and perhaps Montezuma’s Revenge has seized upon you regardless. Here’s where acupuncture can help.

Acupuncture is also part of the major holistic systems of healing, and can give great improvement to the digestive system. We help strengthen the immune system as well.  A complete history and exam will proceed a treatment, as a single symptom should not be treated out of its larger context.  Acupuncture looks to all the energy systems before choosing point sites.  Acupuncture has very powerful energy to restore your digestion and intestinal functions to normal. After all, the best revenge is a life well lived!

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Author: Andrée Lambertson

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