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Suffering from Winter Shoveling? Acupuncture Eases Back and Neck Pain!

Does your back and neck hurt after shoveling out from the latest storm of the century? Acupuncture to the rescue!

There’s been an awful lot of shoveling and maneuvering of icy sidewalks lately, and the body sure can suffer.

Back pain is one of the top reasons people seek medical treatment. What causes it? Some of the top causes are sprains which can occur when one or more of the ligaments in the back is overstretched and strains, which is a rip or tear in the muscle caused by sudden force. This can happen from an injury, poor posture, or improper lifting, such as improperly hefting too big of a pile of Mother Nature’s bounty.

Back problems are also, by far, the primary reason for appointments with acupuncturists.

Back pain limits range of motion and complicates daily activities. Some back pain is accompanied by tingling and burning and acupuncture treatments work wonderfully for those conditions as well. Acupuncture can effectively help acute and chronic back pain and many other issues, like neck pain, naturally. 

The neck is more subject to injury than any other portion of the spine. This is because of its position and range of motion, and because it plays such a vital role in the supporting the head. There are so many tendons and connecting tissue structures that enable the movement of the neck and arms. In addition, and we also sometimes store our stress there.

Neck pain can be mild enough so that it is a mere annoyance, or severe enough that it interferes with our quality of life.

Acupuncture is very helpful and it’s quick. Often relief is felt at the first treatment, and usually only a few are necessary, unless longstanding injuries are the cause, in which case more treatments will be needed.

In addition, acupuncture is good at reducing the tension in the neck tendons and muscles. It can help relieve the pain and tightness in the neck by increasing the circulation of blood and energy, and it can also help to relieve stress. Acupuncture has a relaxing effect on many people and some even fall asleep during the treatment.

Shoveling have you flat on your back? Acupuncture to the rescue!

Shoveling have you flat on your back? Acupuncture to the rescue!

With acupuncture, we look at your whole health history, sports traumas, falls, bumps and bruises, as well as all other stories. The body likes to remember its history to help protect you. Acupuncture helps to reduce the residual effects that linger, sometimes for years.

Back and neck pain are two of the most frequently treated symptoms, and most people experience great results. It’s time to enjoy winter!

Some tips for healthy and happy shoveling:

  • Push the snow, don’t lift it.
  • In terms of your shovel, use a smaller one; the less snow you move at once, the safer you’ll be.
  • Don’t start shoveling while snow is still falling (it’s colder, so you’ll put additional strain on your heart)
  • Breathe during the exercise; keep checking yourself to make sure you’re not accidentally holding your breath.

With acupuncture, we look at your whole health history and tailor a treatment specifically to your needs. Many patients feel immediate improvements.

The best part? The treatment is safe, natural, effective and drug-free. 

Give yourself the gift of improved health and get relief from pain and stress today! Schedule an appointment at the CT Acupuncture Center.

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Back pain relief in action! Want to see an acupuncture session in action for yourself? Check this out…

Acupuncture in Action with Ingri Boe-Wiegaard


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