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Ankle Swelling

ankle swelling

Ankle swelling occurs when fluid builds up in the lower extremities. Often the swelling will affect the feet, calves and even thighs. Possible causes include the abundance of estrogen, pregnancy hormones, loss of ability of the veins to return blood to the heart, decreased kidney or liver function, lack of mobility and excess weight. Even standing or sitting for long periods can result in some swelling.

In the case of swelling, I first run a complete health history and then treat the primary cause of ankle or leg swelling. Acupuncture will help strengthen veins and improve their ability to constrict effectively, increasing blood flow. Even in the case of excess hormones, such as during pregnancy, acupuncture will reduce swelling by increasing vein function. In the case of excess weight, acupuncture will work to effectively reduce cravings and help heal the causes of excess body fat. When kidney or liver function is poor, acupuncture stimulates function so that blood toxins are removed effectively, decreasing swelling.