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Acupuncture for Aphasia

Acupuncture for Aphasia - Fairfield, CT

The word “aphasia” comes from ancient Greek and means “speechlessness.” It refers to trouble speaking and can range from a difficulty finding words (something everyone has experienced at one time or another!) to the inability to speak or read and write. Of course, we’re only referred to people who once had the ability to speak. Three-month old babies are not aphasic.

Causes of aphasia include damage or degeneration to cells in the language centers of the brain. Often the cause of the damage is decreased blood flow or a disruption of blood flow. There are specific acupuncture sites for the brain that will increase blood flow and facilitate optimal brain health. With acupuncture promoting increased energy to the target areas of the brain, aphasia can diminish with only a few treatments and often disappear completely.