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Bell’s Palsy

Acupuncture for Bell's Palsy - Bethel, CT

Acupuncture for Bell's Palsy - Bethel, CT

Bell’s Palsy is the partial paralysis of the facial nerve, which results in the inability to control the facial muscles. It tends to be a temporary situation and commonly only impacts one side of the face. It most often has a rapid onset, often taking place in one day. The herpes zoster (small pox) virus has flared up on the stem of the trigeminal nerve near the ear, or just behind it.

These symptoms often disappear completely, often in under two weeks time and in the majority of cases, complete recovery occurs within one year. Symptoms include paralysis on one side of the face with an inability to control the facial muscles, including blinking, smiling and frowning, along with a general asymmetry of the face itself.

Immediately go to your doctor for the right medications (steroid short term, and an anti-viral), then come for acupuncture treatments. I will recommend correcting the ph of your body fluids as well. Viruses flourish in a low ph environment, so 7.4 is where you want saliva and urine to approximate.

Acupuncture is used to hasten the improvement, and I recommend several treatments per week. The blinking is the first to improve and is so important for moistening the eye. The last area to improve is near the mouth.