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Common Cold

Acupuncture for Cold Relief - Fairfield, CT

Acupuncture for Cold Relief - Fairfield, CT

The cold is the most common infectious disease in the human race. It is a disease of the upper respiratory system, caused by a viral infection. Symptoms include coughing, sore throat and increased mucus production (either a runny or stuffed nose). The average person suffers from 3-4 colds per year.

Although it has become a cliché, there is no cure for the common cold, but most symptoms are gone within 7-10 days, though some colds can last for weeks. People suffering from colds are extremely contagious, so prevention is the best medicine. A regular routine of hand washing and avoiding situations where infected people are likely to spread germs are two of the best ways to prevent catching a cold.

Many Americans believe that catching two or three colds a year is normal. They endure the symptoms, often relieving them with over-the-counter medications that can cause serious health injury. They also take cold and flu shots, which can cause illness themselves. However did you know that you could live your life entirely cold free without taking anything harmful into your system? Your immune system can heal itself the second an intruder sneaks in, preventing a cold from ever happening.

Colds arise from viruses and viruses are everywhere—all the time. We don’t catch colds all the time because our immune system keeps us healthy. It’s when our energy wanes and our immune system struggles that we become more susceptible to viruses. Diet plays an important role in keeping your immune system strong, and often minor adjustments will make a major difference in you staying healthy. I will look at your diet with you to recommend simple modifications for excellent immune system function. Chinese medicine practitioners and many traditional medical doctors, including Dr. Oz, recommend acupuncture as a natural way to boost your immune system, keeping it strong against intruders.

Acupuncture heals imbalances in your immune system and also restores energy channels that have become disrupted. When these channels are open, the immune function functions at an optimal level to keep your body healthy. Scientifically, researchers have found that acupuncture enhances the production of natural killer cells, the body’s defense mechanisms against viruses and bacteria. Acupuncture also regulates the activity of white blood cells, which also fight against infection and allergic reactions. During cold and flu season, particularly for people susceptible to colds, it’s a good idea to boost your immune system every few weeks. The great benefits are that besides avoiding illness, you will see numerous positive side effects, such as a deeper sleep, clearer skin and a more relaxed and positive attitude.

Acupuncture is a wonderful way to rebalance the body energies to optimize the immune system’s ability to keep you healthy and clear up a cold quickly. You will feel your sinuses clearing a lot even during the first treatment! More point sites will address the other causative tensions that got you susceptible in the first place. Few treatments – great results!

Patient Testimonials

My Bad Cough is 80% Better

“I came to Ingri with a bad cough with expectoration. Acupuncture has proven to be effective, calming and reassuring. I have improved by at least 80%, and the cough has become minimal compared to before treatments began. It’s great to have no dark phlegm coming out with the coughing. Thank you, Ingri! I am very pleased.” — J. Dorish, Ridgefield, CT

My Sinus and Postnasal Drip All But Ceased Immediately

“I couldn’t believe the relief that I got from a persistent cough caused by bronchitis. My sinus and postnasal drip all but ceased immediately and didn’t return until shortly before my second visit. On the way to good health!” — Brenda, Norwalk, CT