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Visit us in Bethel, Wilton or Fairfield, CT

Visit us in Bethel, Wilton or Fairfield, CT

Constipation is a condition in the colon where bowel movements are not regular and/or hard or painful to pass. In many situations, a poor diet and/or a diminished intake of liquids are to blame for the situation. In rare instances, a psychological issue is the cause.

In most cases, constipation is not a danger, however, cases that don’t respond to standard treatment (laxatives, enemas, diets high in fiber, plenty of water) can lead to serious complications if left untreated. Constipation is extremely common in both adults and children.

With acupuncture, comes the natural analysis and treatment approach. Yes, diet, exercise, fluids, the appropriate point sites for your individual case. We chose Back points, Stomach and Spleen meridian points on the legs and abdomen. Ren Mo, and Kidney meridians are also considered. The Liver meridian may be added. A few treatments will give improvements, and a series will do even more good!

The energetic of moving on, letting go, feeling safe, and giving easily are enhanced. The ill effects of fear, sadness, anger, and worry are reduced.