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Relief from Depression - Fairfield, CT

Relief from Depression - Fairfield, CT

Depression is somewhat of a blanket term for a number of mental conditions that are also casually referred to as having the blues, feeling down, being out of it or in a sad mood. While some are merely passing and not chronic, others (such as bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder) require treatment to keep things under control.

There are a large number of causes for depression, including genetics, chemical imbalances, hormone issues and other medical conditions. Symptoms of depression include loss of interest or focus, fatigue, changes in eating habits and excessive sleeping, among many others.

symptoms-depression2I consider depression an important mechanism the body/mind sets up to “prevent things from getting worse”. I respect the function of this mechanism, and I work with the appropriate point sites and energy systems to support the actual improvement of “things”, so the need for the depression in this sense goes away or is lessened.

The energy systems we work with include the Liver system and many other point sites may be used to address what we find in individual cases – based on the history and complete exam, of pulses and tongue, as well.

An initial and immediate sign of improvement is often sleeping improvements and the feeling of better and more “energy”

From and article by Dr. Mercola:

“Acupuncture’s benefits extend to a myriad of other health conditions as well. Research suggests acupuncture works as well as counseling for treating depression, for instance. It may also improve fatigue, anxiety and depression in cancer patients in as little as eight weeks — and much more.” — READ MORE: