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Ear Aches

Acupuncture for Ear Aches - Fairfield, CT

Acupuncture for Ear Aches - Fairfield, CT

Primary otalgia (commonly referred to as an earache) is a pain that originates inside the ear. The most common cause of earaches is an infection (either viral or bacterial) inside of the ear canal, but also may be caused by foreign objects (hair, insects, ear wax) lodged inside the ear. Typical symptoms can include fever, dizziness; a feeling of pressure along with pain and tightness on the affected side of the head.

Ear infections usually start a buildup of fluids in the inner or outer ear canal (commonly in the Eustachian tube) that prevents drainage of fluids. Commonly suffered in tandem (or shortly after) a cold; an untreated ear infection can put pressure on the eardrum, which can lead to hearing loss, a ruptured eardrum and other problems.

Acupuncture is very helpful and can relieve the pain immediately. I have treated little guys late at night, with wonderful results and gained new believers, as well. The point sites are near the ear area with a few others included. The treatment does not hurt, and if the child is screaming, it’s as a result of the earache, not the acupuncture.

Patient Testimonials

TMJ and Ear Pain Greatly Improved

“I came to Ingri with TMJ and ear pain, as well as dizziness and other symptoms of Meniere’s –after just five treatments, my pain has reduced greatly, and I feel much better with at least 70% improvement!” — C. Maloney, Fairfield, CT