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Facial Palsy / Tics

Acupuncture for Facial Pain - Fairfield, CT

Acupuncture for Facial Pain -Fairfield, CT

Facial Palsy, the common name for Bell’s palsy, is an issue with one of the cranial (facial) nerves that results in a loss of control in the facial muscles. In most cases, it affects only one side of the face and is very fast to strike, most commonly in one day. Generally, the eye on the affected side is unable to be fully closed, requiring it to be artificially hydrated to avoid permanent vision damage.

In most instances, Bell’s palsy is a short-term condition, and improvement can begin in under two weeks from the initial onset. Though a cause has not been fully identified, it is thought to be one of a number of viruses (herpes zoster- small pox) that causes a latent infection that triggers the disease. Low pH and stress can help to trigger an episode. In a large percentage of cases, full or nearly full recovery occurs.

Acupuncture hastens the healing of the nerve sheathing that the virus messed up. The local acupuncture point sites chosen will be near the sheathing to prompt quicker healing, and clear the blockages energetically that were there in the first place to render the area susceptible. Again we clear causes, and hasten healing.

Acupuncture treats point sites local to the facial nerve enervation areas. Tics are a slight blockage of energy flow in a local meridian pathway (think water, electrical ripple pathways). That means we will treat an acupuncture point site very near to the tic. A few additional points may be treated and only a few treatments are needed to clear it up. All the cases I have treated have cleared quickly.