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Foot Pain

Acupuncture for Foot Pain - Fairfield, CT

Acupuncture for Foot Pain - Fairfield, CT

Foot pain can result from trauma to the foot, repetitive motion or misalignment of the hip or knee. Specific foot problems include diabetic nerve pain, turf toe, sprained ankle, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, bunions and Achilles tendonitis. I’ll discuss each of these separately.

If you suffer from diabetes and occasionally feel burning, shooting pain in your feet, it may result from damaged nerves. This pain, called diabetic nerve pain or painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy, responds well to specific acupuncture points that address the origin of the nerves, as well as the circulation around the nerves. I also work with you to address lifestyle changes that will speed your recovery from this painful issue.

Many athletes suffer turf toe, a condition where the soft tissue detaches from the bony structure of the big toe. Because the toe swells and becomes inflamed, this malady restricts function and athletic activity. Acupuncture allows a rapid recovery by easing the swelling and inflammation and bringing circulation to the affected area.

Ankle sprains can be acute or chronic. Chronic sprain occurs with repeated injury, due to the ligaments stretching. Acupuncture treats ankle sprain very effectively, minimizing swelling and pain and restoring energy circulation clearing up the muscular injury. In the case of chronic ankle sprain, acupuncture restores muscular balance in the legs to reduce the incidence.symptoms-foot-pain2

Plantar fasciitis occurs through tension and small tears of the soft tissue under the bottom of the heel bone. This painful condition is characterized by intense burning pain after rest. Plantar fasciitis usually occurs when the lower back and leg muscles carry too much tension, thereby inhibiting the plantar fascia from carrying weight. Acupuncture reduces the pain, swelling, inflammation and tension occurring with this disorder, so that the plantar fascia can carry its load effectively.

When the foot sustains an injury, often a sprain, metatarsalgia may occur. This painful condition results from cramping of certain foot muscles around the foot bones. Acupuncture relieves the muscular tension and the pain so that the foot can heal quickly from injury.

In the case of a stress fracture, or any fracture where the bones have already been set, healing tends to be slow. Acupuncture will relieve pain and also stimulate circulation, speeding up the healing process and helping the body regenerate bone.

A bunion occurs when the bursa of the first metatarsal joint becomes inflamed and thickened. In severe cases, the joint enlarges and displaces the big toe. Acupuncture relieves the pain of this condition. In many cases, acupuncture can reduce inflammation and thickening of the joint to the point to render surgery, the most common conventional treatment, completely unnecessary.

Achilles tendonitis begins with muscular changes in the low back. When the lower back carries too much tension, the tension moves through the muscles of the legs and places a higher load on the Achilles tendon and its supporting muscles. With repetitious motion, the strain eventually results in injury and inflammation. Acupuncture is particularly effective in reducing tension in the lower back so that the muscles and bones of the legs can readjust, relieving the symptoms of this inconvenient disorder.

Patient Testimonials

In 4 Sessions I am Pain Free From My Achilles Injury

“I am an extremely active person at work and at home. I am also a runner. I never tried acupuncture before. A recent Achilles injury had me in extreme pain all of the time. My friend suggested that I try acupuncture. After just four sessions, I am pain free and the strength in my Achilles tendon has been fully restored. Thank you, Ingri!” — L. Arduino, Norwalk, CT