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Acupuncture for Incontinence - Fairfield, CT

Acupuncture for Incontinence - Fairfield, CT

Incontinence is when the body release (or leaks) urine involuntarily. It tends to affect a larger percent of women than men. There are a number of different types of incontinence, each with its own cause, but in most cases there is a cause that can be pinpointed.

In some cases, other health issues in the body are the cause. These include diabetes, enlarged prostate, and brain disorders (M.S., Parkinson’s disease, strokes). A series of tests can determine the cause as well as the course of treatment.

Acupuncture is very helpful for incontinence, and depending on the causes, it can be quickly helpful. Point sites are on the front as well as the back of the body. The treatment is not painful, and the points are on the surface skin only.