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Smoking Cessation

Acupuncture to Stop Smoking - Bethel, CT

Acupuncture to Stop Smoking - Bethel, CT

Smoking cessation (or more commonly “quitting smoking”) is the process of giving up the addiction of cigarettes, cigars, or pipe. Nicotine, one of the components of tobacco, is an extremely addictive substance, and one of the reasons that quitting smoking is very difficult for some. The American Heart Foundation has listed nicotine as one of the hardest habits to break, rivaling such hard drugs as cocaine and heroin.

There are a number of different methods to kick the habit, including “cold turkey” (quitting suddenly), lowering the number of cigarettes smoked daily, eliminating triggers (such as alcohol or coffee) and using a psychological approach. Some smoking alternatives (such as chewing tobacco) can be equally as addictive and potentially as dangerous to the body as smoking itself.

Acupuncture is a great way to stop smoking, and become a happy non-smoker. We will talk about your history and other habits during the consultation. Most people at my office manage to quit with just one treatment. How cool is that? That being said; the ones who have trouble with just one treatment are in 2 groups. The first are people who are medicating anxiety with their nicotine. They will need a few treatments to reduce the anxiety, which acupuncture does nicely. The other group is the drinking alcohol daily group. They have a tougher time; however, I have seen some of them manage with one treatment independent of the alcohol use. The good news is success is obtainable in either case.

Patient Testimonials

Stop Smoking More Easily With Acupuncture

“I went to Ingri for a series of sessions to help me stop smoking. I am amazed at the results. She is very intuitive, I really appreciated how she explained everything, gave great information with anecdotes, and was incredibly nurturing. I have sung her praises to others and will continue recommending her. Thank you!”— R. Deletis, Bethel CT