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Acupuncture for Vomiting - Fairfield, CT

Acupuncture for Vomiting - Fairfield, CT

Vomiting (commonly referred to as “throwing up”) is the forceful (and often sudden) discharge of the contents of the stomach through the mouth and (sometimes) the nose. It can be caused by a large number of reasons, including stomach bugs, motion sickness, food poisoning and exposure to radiation or other dangerous elements, as well as first trimester pregnancy. Most people classify vomiting as one of the more unpleasant experiences in life.

Vomiting can cause other severe medical issues such as dehydration or asphyxiation if it occurs while the patient is sleeping or unconscious. Treatment for vomiting depends on the condition of the patient. In many cases of overeating or overdrinking, vomiting is the body’s natural way to solve the gastric disturbance, and the problem resolves itself.

However, mostly we see chemo dyspepsia, pregnancy, and many forms of digestive sensitivities. Food allergies as well as stress and migraines can give strong digestive problems. Conditions of strong pain, as well as, various medications can upset the digestive system. Often low blood pressure people are sensitive to altitude and motion sickness. That relates to an imbalance between the neurological and vascular systems.

Acupuncture is a wonderful holistic therapy that looks into all the relationships that are important for generating these symptoms. The liver energetics, as well as the stomach energetics, is involved. We treat several meridians, with local point sites to the surface of the stomach area, as well as back points, and leg points. A complete history helps to uncover all of the factors that can be participating. We look deeper into all the interrelationships of your physiology to treat underlying causes.