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Acupuncture Treatments Can Slow and Even Reverse Balding/Alopecia


Acupuncture Can Reverse Balding

Alopecia refers to hair loss. Certain activities, such as hairstyling routines or compulsive hair pulling can result in loss of hair. In other cases, even though some people may have a biological predisposition to hair loss, the actual causes are debated or unknown. In extreme incidents, alopecia results in baldness. Male and female baldness patterns differ, with women experiencing thinning and men often seeing receding hairlines and bald areas near the crown that increase in area. Although scientists debate the biological causes of hair loss, you can prevent it by healing the scalp area. Acupuncture treatments geared to healing alopecia can slow and even reverse the balding process. I have seen men’s hair return in cases the men thought they were bald for life! Often hair grows back as a side effect of acupuncture treatment for other reasons. In any case, acupuncture helps clear the obstructions that prevent the scalp from doing what it does best – grow hair!