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Gout? Acupuncture Treatments are Gentle and Painless!


Gout Treated Successfully with Acupuncture

Gout is a condition that occurs when a joint is stricken with multiple attacks of acute inflammatory arthritis. It most commonly affects the foot, though gout in other joints is not uncommon. It is characterized by swelling, tenderness and bright red discoloration.

Gout is usually caused by excessive levels of hyperuricemia (a uric acid) in the bloodstream, which results from genetics, kidney problems, poor diet, too much meat, or excessive consumption of alcohol. An acute attack, lasting two or more hours is common, and is often accompanied by fever and fatigue. We check the ph level in the urine and saliva, and help return it to a more alkaline level nearer 7.4.

Acupuncture point sites will be chosen on the spleen, liver, and kidney meridians, Treatments are gentle, and painless. Always a complete history is taken, with tongue and pulse information as well, to determine the best individualized approach.

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