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Chronic Pelvic Pain? Bladder Problems? Acupuncture!


Acupuncture Relieves Bladder Problems

Bladder problems include overactive bladder, urinary tract infection and chronic pelvic pain.

The term “overactive bladder” refers to a condition in which the bladder receives messages to empty much more frequently than normal. This condition can cause enormous discomfort and inconvenience to the sufferer, not to mention lack of sleep.

Urologists often recommend acupuncture as a superior alternative to surgery to heal overactive bladder.

Acupuncture helps resolve this condition by gently stimulating the relevant nerves. This stimulation restores neural balance and interrupts the faulty messages, resulting in normal frequency and patterns of urination. In cases of urinary tract issues causing chronic pelvic pain, acupuncture can help. Frequent studies show that acupuncture allays symptoms of chronic pelvic pain.

Drs. R. Chen and J. Nickel report in Urology magazine, that, “Acupuncture ameliorates symptoms in men with chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome.” Traditional medicine recommends antibiotics for urinary tract infections, or UTI’s. However, antibiotics can cause additional, long-term problems.

As a more healthful alternative, acupuncture will help restore balance and strengthen your immune system in warding off bacterial invasion, giving you better, overall health. I will also counsel you in making certain lifestyle changes, such as increasing your water intake, to prevent future infection.

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