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Cranky Pants? Try Acupuncture On!

Improve Your Mood with Acupuncture

Improve Your Mood with Acupuncture

If you feel irritable and moody on a regular basis, then your emotions may be in disharmony! Occasionally irritability arises during times of hormonal fluctuation, which happens frequently when women experience PMS (premenstrual syndrome). Other times, you may feel irritable or frustrated if you live in a state of chronic stress. In either situation, acupuncture can help relieve stresses, smooth your emotions and bring your hormones balance.

If you find that sleeplessness, bouts of anger or poor digestion accompany your feelings of irritability then you may be on the way to more serious issues, such as anxiety or depression. It’s better to interrupt the cascade of negativity quickly and let acupuncture help you get back on a track of health, wellness and good feelings.

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