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Food Allergies – An Issue That’s Hard to Stomach


Food Allergies Alleviated with Acupuncture

Food allergies are your body’s adverse reaction to a particular protein (or proteins) found in many foods. Similar to other types of allergies, it occurs when your immune system mistakes a protein as harmful, triggering an allergic reaction. The allergic reaction can range from the mild (skin rash, gastrointestinal issues) to the life threatening (respiratory problems, vascular distress).

The most common food allergies are nuts, dairy products wheat, soy and shellfish, although there are many others. Children who suffer from food allergies may outgrow some of them; many of them (peanuts and shellfish, for example) are present throughout the sufferer’s entire lifespan.

Acupuncture is very helpful in improving the symptoms as well as the underlying causes of the food allergies. The digestive system as well as the immune system can be improved with the right choice of point sites. Each case is evaluated individually, with a full history, and examination which includes tongue and pulse evaluation. The point sites will include abdomen points, leg, and feet points, as well as possibly a few back points. There are pathways (water) that allow the ripple of information coordinating the various parts and functions of the body, so that is why point sites are in seemingly strange places. We will talk about your symptoms and some of the underlying causative factors when you come in for your first visit. The body has ways of harboring in its layers, information that it has trouble “stomaching or digesting” as it were. Acupuncture helps to ease that mysterious dis-ease…I like that term. Seems milder somehow. Specifically, the stomach relates to the emotion of worry.  Be happy.  And call for acupuncture.