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What Patients Say…

Acupuncture Saved My Summer
I decided to pursue acupuncture treatment, after trying multiple options.  Ingri of the CT Acupuncture Center, initially recommended three sessions to gauge my body’s reaction and literally after the first session I could already notice the signification dissipation of pain by about 70%.  Ultimately, I would have to say that in a six-week period, my pain level has really improved from about a five to less than one on a scale of ten.  This summer has been amazing.

-- Derek K

I was healed in 3 treatments

I cannot believe how great Ingri’s treatment was! I went in thinking I had a bum knee, and she talked all of my symptoms over with me – took all the time in the world, and then … in 3 treatments – I was healed!  I had strained a ligament, and her treatments had brought the healing to the right spots – and she also explained everything along the way. I learned SOOO MUCH! She has so much common sense and such knowledge of every way that the body functions – WOW!!! She is so calm and so nice while she explains how everything works! I would HIGHLY recommend her for anything that ails you!

-- -- Dagny E., Wilton, CT

Baby born that night
Ingri Boe-Wiegaard induced me with acupuncture, and I started the labor contractions on the acupuncture table!! My daughter was born that night, all naturally.

-- -- Jennifer L., Bethel, Ct

Breech Baby Turns

I was 39 weeks pregnant and my baby girl was breech. After one acupuncture treatment with Ingri on my lower back points, my baby turned within the next 12+ hours. Thank you!!”

-- E. M., New Canaan, CT

Relief from Peripheral Neuropathy

I’ve been seeing Ingri for acupuncture for treatment for peripheral neuropathy in both of my feet for several months. She is experienced, friendly and kind. Her Bethel office is very comfortable and many times I’ve found myself drifting off as I relax with the needles she has strategically placed. During each treatment, Ingri explains exactly what she is doing and why. It’s been quite a learning experience! In addition to office visits, Ingri sends out periodic emails discussing the benefits of acupuncture.

The only reason I must end my treatment is because I am moving to Florida. While my feet are not “cured,” I feel definite relief that I have not felt with other treatments (mostly medication). I hope to find someone near my new home just as knowledgeable and I will definitely miss her comfortable “bedside manner” and fun sense of humor!

-- Julia H., Bethel, CT

Back & neck pain with headache… virtually gone after two treatments

I made an appointment with Ingri as I was experiencing intolerable pain in my upper back and neck with a resulting headache. To rate the pain level on a scale from one to ten, with ten being extreme, it was an eleven, After my first treatment ,the pain level was nearly non existent, and after the second visit, it was totally gone! Thanks Ingri.

-- Paul Kochiss

Acupuncture relieved my pain

4 weeks ago I developed a bad case of Shingles.(chest area). I started Acupuncture with Ingri immediately. Well, 3-1/2 weeks later there was no more pain!!! And the rash has healed. My doctor was amazed when he saw me again, he could not believe how well I was!! Thank you, Ingri.

-- Nancy Florian

Acupuncture did what nothing else could for my back pain

L4-L5 disc inflammation. Pushing on nerve in spine. After first visit pain reduced by 50 percent. Consistent improvement in mobility, strength and flexibility after every visit since. Function at 80 percent after 8 visits. Acupuncture did what nothing else could. Priceless!

-- Marce O'Kane, CT

My sciatica pain is 90% better — Ingri is great at what she does

“I have a chronic low back problem stemming from bulging discs and from time to time I experience episodes of sciatica. Recently I had quite a bad flareup and decided to try acupuncture. I felt significant relief after 2-3 sessions and continued with the treatments for about 6 weeks. I can say feel 90% better and returned to my normal activity. Ingri is not only great at what she does but is very easy to talk to and comforting. Should this act up again, I’ll be back.

-- Noreen Viselli, Shelton, CT

Anal Rectal Pain

After eight months in grueling Anal Rectal Pain, four colo-rectal Surgeons, two internists, a group of G.I. Dr’s & three failed Gaglion Blocks, I was finally put on a regimen of Acupuncture treatments that has successfully relieved & cleared the problem.

-- Joseph Seid, Stratford, CT

Acupuncture Helped My Bulging Disc

I have had neck and back pain for a year, and the pain also caused me to suffer from insomnia. I also have a bulging disc in my lower back. After a series of treatments from Ingri, my pain is 80% better, and my bulging disc has improved a lot!

-- Christine O., Danbury, CT

Lumbar Pain Gone in One Session

I was suffering from lumbar pain, with a pain level of 10. Just one session made a huge difference. The pain went away completely!

-- Will S., Bethel, CT

I Went Into Labor After Just One Treatment

After just one treatment, I went into labor two days later. Out healthy, wonderful daughter was born on October 18. Thank you!

-- Jess G., Oxford, CT

Acupuncture Has Reduced My Tinnitus

My tinnitus started four years ago after a sinus infection. It was a constant high pitched ringing that never went away. After 5-7 treatments from Ingri, I noticed a substantial drop in the ringing. Although it has not gone away completely, I do feel that there is an 80% improvement. It has lessened almost to the point where I no longer hear it.

-- Summer P., Newtown, CT

After Just One Treatment For Sciatica I Was Dancing Again!

I came to Ingri for one treatment for lower back pain (sciatica) and leg numbness. My left leg had been numb for one year due to a bulging disc. On the way home from my treatment, I suddenly felt a warm rush of feeling down my leg. That night I was so relaxed lying in bed that I felt as though I was actually floating just above the mattress – no pain, no pressure. I danced the next night for the first time in a year – and no pain the next day or the day after that. I feel whole! I feel alive! I feel free!! Absolutely amazing!

-- Pam G., Southbury, CT

My Sharp Shoulder Pain Went Away After One Acupuncture Treatment!

After one treatment for sharp pain (an eight on a scale from one to ten) in my right shoulder, it went away!

-- Nelson N., Southport, CT

My Shoulder Pain Is Nearly Gone Due To Acupuncture

I was suffering from intolerable shoulder pain and pain under my shoulder blades – on a scale of 1-10, it was a definite 10! I could not find a comfortable position for my arm. I have received four treatments, and felt a difference after the first treatment. I am now 70% better.

-- Sandra S., Fairfield, CT

Acupuncture Relieved My Back Pain After Just 3 Visits

I had been suffering from lower back pain for a few weeks – it hurt constantly, on a scale of 1-10, it was a 7. After just one acupuncture treatment by Ingri, I felt 70% better! After three visits, I am totally fine.

-- Joe W., New Canaan, CT

95% of My Tailbone Pain Was Gone!

I had tailbone pain, an “8” on a scale from 1-10. After just one acupuncture treatment, 95% of all symptoms reduced!

-- Jennifer W., Stratford, CT

Such A Great Help For So Many Issues!

I came to Ingri with issues with High Blood Pressure – not only did it decrease it from 180/100 to 132/80, it also greatly helped my sinusitis I had from allergies, and decreased my hip pain I was experiencing.  Such a great help for so many issues! On a scale of one to ten for improvement…a ten

-- Susan D., LPN, Fairfield, CT

Acupuncture Helped My Neck Tension

After just a few sessions, my neck tension is almost gone.

-- Myra D., Darien, CT

Acupuncture Prevented The Need For Surgery

I suffered from back pain, (a 9 out of 10 on the pain scale) and after sessions with Ingri, my discomfort has improved to the point that I overruled surgery in my lower back, for herniation of disc.

-- Myra D., Darien, CT

I Suffered with Migraines for Over 20 Years…

I have suffered with migraines for over 20 years on an everyday basis. After my third visit with Ingri Boe-Wiegaard, my symptoms were improved by 50% already! I am continuing!

-- Frances P., Bridgeport, CT

After Just Two Treatments My Range of Motion is Greatly Improved

I suffered from neck pain, with a severity of an 8 on a scale from 1-10. I tried everything else, many different kinds of medicines, pain relievers (including narcotics), physical therapy and several doctors. I finally tried acupuncture with Ingri, and was absolutely amazed at the immediate relief and improvement! After just two treatments my range of motion is greatly improved and pain level is down to a 3. Thank you, Ingri!

-- J. Dougherty, Norwalk, CT

Both Wrists Feel Much Better

I have been experiencing pain in both my wrists for a few years now, and recently it’s been hurting more. I visited Ingri once, and after just one treatment, I feel great improvement!

-- Lisa R., Sandy Hook, CT

Acupuncture Helped Right Away!

My neck and back have been hurting for several years. After just two treatments, I feel a 70% improvement! It was great to have such a quick improvement! So remarkable that acupuncture helped right away!

-- Juilia G., Bethel, CT

One Treatment and My Patella Did Not Hurt

I had a patellar tendon graft in my left knee, and experienced patella pain and inflammation whenever I ran. After just one treatment, for the first time in six months my patella did not hurt at all, and for days after I experienced no pain.

-- Isabel L., Easton, CT

After 3 Days My Coccyx Pain Was Down to a 2/10

Acupuncture treated coccyx (tailbone) pain of several weeks duration, with a severity level of 0-10=10! After one treatment he reports: “Who would have thought!? Had crazy coccyx pain like for two weeks – tried painkillers/massage/chiropractic and “NOTHING” helped. But after only three days my pain was down to a 2/10 after being treated with acupuncture by Ingri Boe-Wiegaard in Fairfield. GO ACUPUNCTURE! Go Ingri! Thank you!

-- S. Hinds, Bridgeport, CT

I Am Finally Living Comfortably After Years of Neck & Back Pain

I came to Ingri with neck and back pain, with my pain being an “8” on a scale of 1-10. After just 5 treatments, I have 50% improvement. After years of living uncomfortably, I’m finally feeling comfortable!

-- J. Guertin, Bethel, CT

100% Back Pain Free After My 2nd Session

I had severe lower pain for four weeks. I couldn’t stand for too long. I found out about acupuncture and had never tried it, but thought I would give it a try. I had 80% improvement after just one session and 100% by my second session. I would recommend it for anyone with pain, it truly worked.

-- Tracy O. , Stratford, CT

Sciatica Pain 80% Improvement With One Visit!

I was in severe sciatica pain for three weeks with a pinched nerve down my right leg.  The pain was so severe, it stopped me from my daily chores. I tried pain killers and nothing worked. I was advised to have an epidural injection. I decided to try a more natural approach and discovered Ingri. She was wonderful! First treatment I saw 80% improvement in pain! So happy. I will go for more sessions to be 100% again. Highly recommend!

-- Kiki, Easton, CT

Acupuncture Once A Week Keeps Everything Moving

Samuel L. Jackson talks about getting Acupuncture: The 61-year-old now relies on acupuncture to keep himself in shape, saying he can’t get enough of the practice. “It’s one of my favorite things. I get it all the time, like twice a week, for my well being,” he told American talk show host Ellen Degeneres. “I just go and get my ‘waa’ put in place, and get everything moving.

-- Samuel L. Jackson

Acupuncture for Overall Body Ache

I started to see Ingri for general malaise and aching all over. I’ve been receiving treatments two times a week for almost a year now and couldn’t be happier with the results! She always talks to me about how I’m feeling and where my problem spots are so that she can apply the proper treatment. I always look forward to the next visit!”

-- M. Limberti, CT

My Bad Cough is 80% Better

I came to Ingri with a bad cough with expectoration. Acupuncture has proven to be effective, calming and reassuring. I have improved by at least 80%, and the cough has become minimal compared to before treatments began. It’s great to have no dark phlegm coming out with the coughing. Thank you, Ingri! I am very pleased.

-- J. Dorish, Ridgefield, CT

Acupuncture Helps Vertigo

I suffered from vertigo every day, and after just one treatment, I have improved tremendously. It’s been fifteen days, and I am still clear. Thank you!

-- R. Lombardi, Wilton, CT

My Sinus and Postnasal Drip All But Ceased Immediately

I couldn’t believe the relief that I got from a persistent cough caused by bronchitis. My sinus and postnasal drip all but ceased immediately and didn’t return until shortly before my second visit. On the way to good health!

-- Brenda, Norwalk, CT

My Migraines Are So Much Less Frequent

You know that I cannot thank you enough! My migraines are so much less frequent and severe because of your treatments. I really don’t like to take pills and acupuncture provided me with a way to treat my headaches without all of the side effects of medication. Whenever I feel a headache coming on you make yourself available to treat me. I also recently received treatment for an old back injury. I wasn’t sure it would respond, but I haven’t had a problem with it since the treatment! It is nice that you have offices all over so that your patients can always get the treatment they need. Thanks, Ingri!

-- J. O., CT

Ingri Is One of the One of the Best Acupuncturists in the Tri-State Area

I have long been a fan of acupuncture and I am very picky about whom I will allow to treat me. Working with Ingri is so powerful because she has decades of experience specializing in acupuncture. She knows exactly what she is doing. I have gone to Ingri for treatments to help me with physical problems, injuries, and emotional upsets. Her depth of understanding the healing of the human body is very impressive. Ingri is one of the best acupuncturists around in the tri-state area.

-- Tess F., CT

Still Symptom Free 25 Years After Treatment

I’ve been treated by you for two distinct symptoms. The first, over 15 years ago, was for a tendon sheath problem in my right arm, which prevented me from doing even everyday tasks, such as writing, lifting even light objects, and extending my arm to reach for anything. The treatment was fully effective, and I avoided costly surgery, that offered only a chance of relief. I am symptom free today, 15 years later. Currently, I am experiencing achilles tendon problems, and the course of acupuncture has allowed me to function almost fully at this time. Continued acupuncture treatments are planned as this is the best relief I have had for this ongoing issue.

-- Robert, CT

Ingri Is Helpful and Supportive

Ingri has been very helpful and supportive and always given top rated service. She is also a person of high integrity and has a great work ethic.

-- S. Connelly, CT

Ingri is Patient and Thorough

Ingri is a very accommodating and proficient acupuncturist, she makes one feel at ease, and explains what she will do with patience and thoroughness. I can recommend her services to anyone that wants to get results.

-- D. Lorenzetti, CT

Ingri’s Results Are Excellent

Each time I work with Ingri, the results are excellent. She asks good questions, listens well, and applies effective treatments. I highly recommend her.

-- J. Mercede, CT

Patients Often See Ingri Before Their MD

I have recommended several clients to Ingri, and all have come back to me saying how pleased they were with her services. Some also said they had gone to her before going to regular doctor. As an attorney who helps many injured people, I need know my clients are getting good care. I always feel confident that Ingri will help my clients.

-- K. Hoffkins , CT

Ingri Relieved My Pain & Alleviating My Symptoms

I have visited Ingri many times over the years whenever I injured myself. Every time she relieved the pain, alleviated the symptoms & brought relief each time. I have recommended her to many people & continue to do so. Whatever your ailment is, she can help.

-- F. Marini, CT

It Is A Pleasure to Recommend Ingri

Ingri is well known in the community. She has great respect for all the ways in which she helps others. I know you will be pleased when going to her for Acupuncture. It’s my pleasure to recommend her.

-- Gigi Benanti, Norwalk, CT

Ingri Is A Highly Skilled Practitioner

“I am grateful to have an experienced and highly skilled practitioner such as Ingri in my referral network.

-- D. Gibson, CT

Positive Energy

You will benefit from Ingri’s positive energy and skills, as I have.

-- J. Rosenthal, M.D. Fairfield, CT

Ingri’s Care is Exceptional

Ingri has an inviting office and a relaxed atmosphere. She treats her clients with care and understanding that can only be described as exceptional.

-- S. McNamara, CT

Ingri’s Acupuncture Healing Is Powerful

Ingri’s acupuncture healing work is powerful. I recommend her highly to those seeking alternative medical healing.

-- S. Clymer, CT

Ingri Brings Enthusiasm and Passion to Her Healing

I had the opportunity to work with Ingri while I served as area director with BNI in Connecticut. Ingri brings a level of enthusiasm and passion that is not often seen in the professional world. Ingri truly wants the best for her clients and for everyone she encounters. Her enthusiasm combined with her caring nature makes her a remarkable individual. It is my pleasure to recommend Ingri.

-- J. Rosen

Ingri Is Devoted to Her Patients

Ingri treats many of my clients and achieves outstanding results. She is very knowledgeable about her field and very devoted to her patients.

-- J. Schwartz, CT

Ingri Is An Outstanding Healer

Ingri is an outstanding healer! Her great ability to not only treat people as an acupuncturist but to really feel their heart and assist deeper in their journey to wholeness is beautiful to watch and experienced first hand. I had the fortune to receive a series of acupuncture treatments by her reestablishing balance in my system during a difficult period. As a client I highly recommended her, and as healer I cannot say enough about her abilities to care for others. She calls them “Little acts of kindness” but in reality they are massive.”

-- S.E. Angulo, CT

Ingri Is A Caring Person

Ingri is a consummately trained practitioner and exceptionally caring person.

-- C. Benyei, CT

Thank Ingri, For Your Help & Wisdom

I want to thank you, Ingri, for all the help, wisdom, and guidance during the past months. I appreciate it all.”

-- N. H Broker, NY

Ingri Is Fun To Work With, Too!

Ingri has the skills and experience I look for in a healer. She combines the knowledge of a formal education, with the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and along with her own insights and creativity. And she’s fun to work with.

-- J. Henderson, CT

Acupuncture is Almost Like Magic

I would recommend Ingri to anyone, anytime! If you thought acupuncture hurts, it’s almost like magic and the best part, no drugs.

-- B. Darez, CT

Ingri Is the Ultimate Connections Person

Ingri is the ultimate connections person. We both belong to Business Networking International. Members try to bring a visitor every month or two. The first time I visited Ingri’s chapter, she had (in one meeting) invited EIGHT visitors! Linked In was made for great connectors like Ingri.

-- M. Baier, CT

Ingri Is An Incredibly Gifted Healer

I have known Ingri in a number of different capacities over many years. As a healer, she is incredibly educated and gifted; as a business professional, she is robust, dynamic and always ready to help others in any way possible (She sure has offered me her guidance on numerous occasions!). As a person, she is positive, caring and I count her as a treasure among my cache. Although I have not spoken to her in many moons, I know I can call her at any given moment and she will be there. I am grateful to have her in my life.

-- A. M. Lytwyn, CT

Thank You Ingri For Changing My Life

When I first tried acupuncture 20 years ago, I was a little skeptical. I suffered so much pain and nerve damage that Ingri could not come near my leg without me going into a nervous attack. But over the years, [she has helped me] change the way I think about pain; I now relax, breathe and let the needles do their work. Acupuncture is a wonderful tool, when it is done by a master like Ingri. You will see and feel the results right away. Thank you, Ingri, for changing my life around. I will always be your patient and friend.

-- Steve, Fairfield, CT

Ingri Puts the Interest if Her Patients First

Ingri is easy to work with and really knows her stuff. She always puts the interest of her patient first. She has treated me and one other person in my office, both of us had excellent results and I always feel very comfortable in recommending my customers to Ingri. Thank you for all of your help and support!

-- D. Baker, Fairfield, CT

I Highly Recommend Ingri

Ingri has many happy, faithful patients who swear by her work. She is knowledgeable, talented professional and full of energy! I highly recommend her.

-- L. Clyne, CT

Ingri is the “Best In Her Field”

I have experience with several acupuncture professionals and Ingri is the best! Her business responsiveness combined with the expert level of service leaves me convinced that I have found the best in field with Ingri. Thanks for the help!!

-- J. Bloch, CT

I’m So Glad To have Ingri Around…

I’m so glad to have Ingri around to recommend my clients to. She beautifully balances knowledge of acupuncture with a genuine love of the work and her clients. She also works very well as part of a team to best support a client’s health. I highly recommend her.

-- L. Caramore, CT

Ingri Is So Talented

Ingri is a talented and intuitive healer. She makes anyone feel at ease with her laid back and open bedside manor. She is a delight to work with. Looking forward to more collaborating!

-- C. Budner, CT

Stop Smoking More Easily With Acupuncture

I went to Ingri for a series of sessions to help me stop smoking. I am amazed at the results. She is very intuitive, I really appreciated how she explained everything, gave great information with anecdotes, and was incredibly nurturing. I have sung her praises to others and will continue recommending her. Thank you!

-- R. Deletis, Bethel CT

Ingri Cleared My Allergies

I came to Ingri to treat my allergy/ sinus condition which I had suffered with for many months. Literally overnight, I woke up clear-headed and no feelings of allergies or sinus symptoms. I am a believer and Ingri is a miracle worker.

-- M. Singlak, Newtown CT

Acupuncture Helped Induce Labor

I came to see you when I was pregnant, hoping to induce labor. I actually had my daughter, now 3 and a 1/2, two days after seeing you. 🙂 !! Thank you so much!

-- Lauren, CT

Hormone Help — Reduced Hot Flashes & Night Sweats

I am in awe about how quickly my symptoms disappeared. I am sleeping through the night with minimal hot flashes and night sweats. Thank you!

-- F. Sinay, Fairfield, CT

Acupuncture Lowered Blood Pressure

My blood pressure was trending up and I was told that I might need medicine to control it. I was tested by five MD’s. My blood pressure was at 145/90. After one session of acupuncture, I felt far less anxious and my blood pressure is down to 122/80 – measured it three times!

-- K. Kachaoorian, Wilton, CT

Carpel Tunnel Lead Me To Ingri

I initially came to Ingri for treatment for carpel tunnel. I ended up having her treat me for an entire array of other things! Ingri is a very knowledgeable, skilled, and very intuitive. She is very flexible and always scheduled me in for when was most convenient for me. I would recommend her to anyone.

-- M. Hill, CT

TMJ and Ear Pain Greatly Improved

I came to Ingri with TMJ and ear pain, as well as dizziness and other symptoms of Meniere’s –after just five treatments, my pain has reduced greatly, and I feel much better with at least 70% improvement!

-- C. Maloney, Fairfield, CT

Sinus Headaches Gone After One Treatment

Ingri is incredibly knowledgeable as well as great at the “hands-on” aspect of acupuncture. I went to her because I was having an ongoing issue with sinus headaches. After Ingri gave me just one acupuncture treatment, they completely disappeared. I highly recommend Ingri. She can definitely help with problems resulting from sudden trauma as well as chronic issues.

-- J. Klem, CT

My Tinnitus Is Almost All Gone

It’s so nice to enjoy the quiet now! There is a marked difference in my tinnitus – I rarely hear the ringing/buzzing noise any more. On a scale of 1-10, I give the improvement a 9! It only took 5 visits to feel so much better. Thank you, Ingri!

-- C. Maloney, Fairfield, CT

After Just One Session My Dizziness Was A Lot Better!

Improvement 100%! Excellent treatment. I felt a lot better after just one session to treat the dizziness I suffer through Meniere’s, and my energy level has been absolutely incredible the last couple of days. Thank you!

-- L. Cedeno, Fairfield, CT

Acupuncture Saved Me From Having Surgery On My Rotator Cuff

I had a partial tear of my rotator cuff, and my doctors wanted to do surgery. If I had done this, I would have been out of work for up to 6 to 8 months. I was working next door to Ingri’s office in Wilton, and I could not raise my arm. She said to come over after work, and I had two treatments with her. That has been about four years now, and I can move my arm in all directions with no pain at all. I do recommend this treatment.

-- Gerry S., CT

Ingri Has Helped Me With All of My Sports Injuries

I have visited Ingri many times over the years whenever I injured myself. Every time she relieved the pain, alleviated the symptoms & brought relief. I have recommended her to many people and continue to do so. Whatever your ailment is she can help.

-- F. Morini, CT

My Back Feels 100% Better

Ingri is brilliant, which allows her to take care of her patients with her knowledge and understanding of the human spirit. She treats the root of the problem not the symptom. In 5 treatments for lower back pain, she worked on my shoulder and middle back to release the tension that was blocking the release from the lower back. 100% professional. Doesn’t waste time and gets right down to business…or should I say to the point. Thanks Ingri, I feel 100% better, a huge fan!

-- L. Deponte, Wilton, CT

Ingri is THE BEST!

Ingri is an exceptional acupuncturist and helped me with my back problem like magic! I have recommended Ingri countless times because she is the BEST! Thank you, Ingri.

-- K. Audett, CT

I Feel So Much Better — Without Drugs!

This has been the best experience I have had for both my back pain and my mind. I feel so much better, and without drugs!!!

-- D. Micalizzi, Fairfield, CT

WOW… Less Pain and So Much Energy

I just need to let you know…….WOW! I feel so great since I got home……significant lower amount of pain and so much energy……I can’t wait to see you again Thursday….THANK YOU!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!”

-- L. Magni, CT

My Neck Pain Was Better In 3 days!

My neck pain caused numbness and tingling constantly in my hand. After one acupuncture treatment, I was 70% better for 3 days! It worked really well! I will have more treatments!”

-- N. Lowden, Danbury, CT

My Shoulder Pain Was Almost Gone After One Session

I suffered from chronic shoulder pain, and after only one awesome treatment, I saw 80% improvement, and am in much less pain! Thanks, Ingri!

J. Manes, Newtown, CT

-- K. Morten, Bethel, CT

In 4 Sessions I am Pain Free From My Achilles Injury

I am an extremely active person at work and at home. I am also a runner. I never tried acupuncture before. A recent Achilles injury had me in extreme pain all of the time. My friend suggested that I try acupuncture. After just four sessions, I am pain free and the strength in my Achilles tendon has been fully restored. Thank you, Ingri!”

-- L. Arduino, Norwalk, CT

Acupuncture Saved Me From Surgery

Hi Ingri, I’ve been treated by you… over 15 years ago for a tendon sheath problem in my right arm… which prevented me from doing even everyday tasks, such as writing, lifting even light objects, and extending my arm to reach for anything. The treatment was fully effective, and I avoided costly surgery, that offered only a chance of relief. I am symptom free today, 15 years later. Thanks.

-- Robert, CT

Ingri Was the Only One Who Could Take My Bursitis Pain Away

After other medical practitioners had been unsuccessful in treating my bursitis, I had reached the point of not being able to lift my arm. I was depressed and desperate at the loss of function. I couldn’t trust the arm to perform as needed. After a short series of treatments, I was pain free and regained total use of my shoulder and the bursitis has not recurred. I, the skeptic, have become a believer in the benefits acupuncture can create. Looking for a concerned, knowledgeable specialist interested in your total health? Look no further than Ingri.

-- R. Wendschuh, Redding, CT

Acupuncture Has Helped My Shoulder Pain More Than PT or Chiropractic

I came to Ingri with shoulder and neck pain. I have received ten treatments so far, and have experienced at least 70% improvement. Acupuncture has really helped a lot. At the beginning the pain was horrendous. I was rear-ended in a car accident. Acupuncture has helped me more than physical therapy and chiropractic treatments. Thank you! 

-- C. Paquette, Bridgeport, CT

One Treatment for Back Pain

One treatment for back pain brought significant relief! 60%! As a teacher the ability to breeze about a lab and support my students is essential. Thank you, Ingri!

-- J. Manes, Newtown, CT

Sciatica and Neck Pain Disappeared Almost Immediately

I came in to Ingri with severe neck pain and sciatica, with a pain level of 7 from a scale of 1-10. After only two treatments, I am feeling excellent! The sciatica and neck pain disappeared almost immediately, and the chronic muscles in my neck and upper back have improved dramatically. On a scale of one to ten now…my pain is at a zero!

-- Stephanie Ghannam, Bethel, CT