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When Every Day You’re Shuffling — Acupuncture Helps with Hip Pain!

Happy Hips!

Healthy, Happy Hips with Acupuncture!

Hips should be for shimmying, not aching!

Here’s some of what can hurt hips — the big boys are hamstring injuries, osteoarthritis, bursitis in the hip and hip fractures. Hamstring strains can also result in pain and muscular spasm. The pain arises from lower back stresses and injury from trauma. There’s help to be had!

Acupuncture is a hip helper. It serves to reduce inflammation and help the injured muscles heal more quickly. In the case of lower back strain, acupuncture helps to relieve those stresses that are causing tension so that the hamstring muscles can recover. Acupuncture also reduces the body’s reactive guarding that often contributes to further distress.

Hip pain due to osteoarthritis occurs as a result of the wear and tear of the surface of the hip joint. During the process, inflammation and pain occur, which limits the normal range of motion. If the disease progresses without intervention, eventually the hip loses its ability to function normally. However, acupuncture relieves the inflammation and muscle guarding that cause bursitis hip pain. Acupuncture also restores circulation to the hip joints to allow them to heal. It supports healthy hormone function which will help support the joints’ integrity,  With acupuncture, it is possible for you to return to normal levels of activity pain free!

Hip pain due to bursitis occurs when the bursa, a fluid-filled sac that surrounds the joint and lubricates it, becomes inflamed. Bursitis responds very well to acupuncture as it reduces inflammation and speeds healing.

In the case of fracture, acupuncture can support recovery by reducing muscular guarding, helping the body to produce pain-relieving substances, decreasing inflammation and increasing circulation to speed healing.

Let acupuncture help your hips get back to moving you forward!

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