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An Oral Report! Acupuncture Gets An A From Teachers! Take Acupuncture To Work Week!


Acupuncture Gets An “A”!

Without teachers, we would none of us know a thing, including rules about double negatives.

That being said, we’ll open up “Take Acupuncture to Work Week” with one of the most honorable of professions, the Teacher. With summer here, school is out for many, but teaching is often a year ’round commitment.

How can acupuncture help Teachers? Well…what do Teachers use the most? Their brains, hearts, voices, back, fingers and feet…basically it’s a head to toe position, especially if someone is a teacher of movement! Stress is also a factor with this job — lots of people, lots of commitments, lots of energy expended, lots of exposure to lots of contagions from all of those people.

All of that stress can cause…headaches! Unruly students, school bells, fire drills during exams, PTA meetings, 350 papers to grade, the janitor is having to visit the classroom with a mop and bucket…again…temples begin to throb just thinking about it.

Because “headache” is a blanket term for over 200 conditions that fall into multiple classifications, the symptoms (and treatment) depends on the type of headache. The severity of a headache ranges from a tightness in the neck area to an incapacitating migraine that can last several days. And that’s not good for a teacher (or their students)!

Whether it is a tension headache, or a wicked migraine (think of those poor Driver’s Ed teachers), acupuncture is quickly helpful. The treatment is gentle, and painless (unless we treat a forehead point site – ouch – but still better than a headache! Or a tack in a chair. No, really, it is!) Luckily that causes an immediate relief from the pressure there, and the headache eases. Back to school! Call the substitute back!

Take that, headache!

On to…blood pressure.  Thump thump. Thump thump..EVERYONE forgot their homework?!…thump thump thump thump…

High blood pressure (also known as hypertension) is a chronic medical condition in which the blood pressure in the body becomes elevated. The most prevalent type is classified as “primary hypertension”, and a far less-common type of hypertension is “secondary hypertension”, which is caused by a condition in another part of the body, such as the heart, kidneys or endocrine system.

Left untreated, high blood pressure is a leading cause of strokes, heart attack, kidney failure and arterial aneurysm. Serious subject matter indeed. And apparently necessitates another call to the substitute.

Here’s an oral report! Acupuncture is very helpful in the treatment of high blood pressure. The choice of point sites varies with the consideration of other factors in the medical history. Hypertension means a little too much tension or contractive energetic going into the muscles and the smooth muscle of the arterial walls. The acupuncture treatment helps those point sites release the extra tensive energy out, by way of an intrinsic expansive function those same point sites also have.

You learn something new every day!

We will end today’s lesson with the backbone of the Teacher’s arsenal. The…back.

Have you seen their chairs? And linoleum or concrete just isn’t as soft as it used to be to walk on. Teachers are athletes of the mind,  reaching for the stars to share them with their students, and the back sure can get torqued.

One of the top causes of back pain are sprains (overstretching one or more of the ligaments in the back) and strains (a rip or tear in the muscle caused by sudden force). This can happen from an injury, poor posture, or improper lifting. Say, Coach tried to show off for the Seniors when he hadn’t stretched properly. Acupuncture continues to gain popularity in this country because it is an effective treatment of acute and chronic backache, in fact, back pain is one of the most commonly treated symptoms. Acute pain can often be cleared up in a few sessions.

And now the gym students can learn about how to properly lift now that Coach is back from acupuncture!

Thanks to all the fantastic teachers out there that makes such a difference every day.

Happy Summer!

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Author: Andrée Lambertson

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