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Feeling More Ho Hum Than Ho Ho Ho? Beat Holiday Stress with Acupuncture!


Don’t Be Blue – Get Acupuncture!

The In-Laws are arriving when?! They’re out of what at the store? I already hate the snow!!

Some stress is unavoidable. While it’s good to sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of the season, sometimes it’s simply too difficult — work stress, family stress, stress of any kind can build up, and often physical manifestations can take place.

Stress can manifest itself in a virtually unlimited number of ways, including headaches, muscle spasms, depression, insomnia, hypertension, and inappropriate social behavior, among many others. Increased heart rate, changes in breathing patterns, muscle tension and high blood pressure are common reactions from a change in brain chemistry that occurs with stress. The human body reacts to stress appropriately when faced with a “fight or flight” situation and adrenaline is released inside the body. This is the reaction that helps us cope in a disaster or stressful situation, but not so great for your health if you linger in that state. Imbalance occurs when this reaction is frequent and is not due to outside factors. (The In-Laws decide to stay for another week. And another.) The body can become used to the adrenaline and corticosteroid release and become dependent on this state.

From what we can tell so far the emotional brain or limbic system is affected the most. With so many stimuli to process, when we have a problem in part of our bodies that can be ignored for the short term, our brain is likely to selectively throw a circuit breaker so that we are not even aware of the issue. We no longer notice the pain, inflammation, lack of range of motion, etc.. A not so great start to the holiday season. But here’s reason to celebrate! Acupuncture!

When acupuncture is used for human beings, it has the added benefit of re-uniting the body with the mind so that the flow of electricity, blood, lymph, and qi (life force) is harmonious in the body. The end result is a place of peace; a solid foundation for managing  stress. The positive changes that occur as a result of an acupuncture session can last a long time, and are cumulative in effect.

There are many relevant point sites, and the choice depends on each person’s complete story of signs and symptoms. The treatment is gentle, painless, and relaxing. Lots of relief from even the first treatment! Happy Holidays indeed!

Turn your Bah Humbug into some Tra la la’s!

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Acupuncture makes a great gift!

Here’s some more helpful hints on beating holiday stress!

  • Get out and talk a walk in nature — take the family dog with you, they’re your alibi. If you just bundle up when it’s cold out, you can often see beauty where others aren’t brave enough to go! And you also get to take a breather from Uncle Bob’s stories about how he rebuilt his engine.
  • Limit or avoid caffeine  — why get your heart rate elevated and feel even more stressed? Up your water intake instead!
  • Limit or avoid alcohol — if you know you’re going to be dealing with tricky social situations, give yourself an edge, eat before going to a party so you aren’t operating on an empty stomach and can keep your balance!
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