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Reduce Bloating and Digestive Issues with Acupuncture

Acupuncture brings relief from gas and other digestive issues.

Acupuncture brings relief from gas and other digestive issues.

Soothe bloating and other stomach discomforts with acupuncture!

We all have a tendency to overindulge when celebrating with family or friends, or with tempting leftover Halloween candy.

If you feel bloated, you may be receiving a signal that the body is not digesting food properly. Sometimes poor digestion results from intolerance to a specific food, such as gluten or lactose. Other causes include irritable bowel syndrome, not drinking enough water, eating high-fat foods and stress.

If indigestion, gas or bloating bother you more than just an occasional episode from overeating, acupuncture treatments can help!

Acupuncture heals the channels of the entire digestive system. It eases symptoms and discomfort immediately, relieving indigestion, stomach ache and acid reflux, bloating and constipation.

Acupuncture works immediately to harmonize, balance, and strengthen your digestive system. Acupuncture may also benefit patients who find their symptoms are brought on or worsened by stress, anxiety and emotional issues. Acupuncture helps to calm the nerves, resulting in a relaxed body, and a happy, healthy digestive system. It’s also a great immunity boost! 

Don’t suffer from digestive discomfort. Try acupuncture!

Prevention can also be helpful. Here’s a few tips to avoid bloating.

Go for a short walk after meals -- it's good for your digestion!

A short walk after meals is good for your digestion!

  • Eat slowly! Take time to enjoy your food — you avoid swallowing air, which can lead to gas retention.
  • Avoid salt – an extra salty meal may lead to water retention, which causes bloating.
  • Avoid fatty foods – fats take longer for the body to process, hindering digestion.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks – as you consume these drinks, carbon dioxide gas builds up in your body. This can quickly lead to bloating, especially if you drink them quickly. Plain water is best.
  • Go for a walk – a short walk can alleviate bloating after a meal.

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