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Summer Taking a Toll on Your Skin? Acupuncture Helps Heat Rash

Feeling sticky and hot is bad enough, but when your skin starts showing it’s unhappy, acupuncture brings soothing relief !

Summer is in full swing, and while we are grateful to be enjoying the fun in the sun, our skin can react less than favorably. Heat rash is also known as prickly heat, sweat retention syndrome, and miliaria rubra. This disorder occurs during the summer months or year-round in hot, humid climates, and is caused by blockage of the sweat glands.

Heat rash (or prickly heat) is identified by clusters of small blisters that itch and appear where you perspire the heaviest — the armpits, neck, back, or creases in the elbows, but interestingly enough, never the face.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, skin diseases are generally caused by internal disharmonies, such as lack of Qi (life energy) and blood, or environmental influences, such as wind, dryness, dampness, and heat. Stress, diet, and the person’s constitution also affect these patterns.

In diagnosing skin conditions, in addition to environmental influences, acupuncture considers physical and emotional factors, as well as taking the pulse, asking in-depth questions and observing the tongue and skin. Acupuncture addresses both the cause and the symptoms of a condition. The treatment and diagnosis are tailored to each person’s symptoms. Treatments are effective, painless, and drug-free!

If you suffer from a skin condition, find relief from summer’s heat with acupuncture!

Stay cool (and hydrated!)

Stay cool (and hydrated!)

Here are some more ways to find relief from heat rash.

  • Wear loose, lightweight clothing.
  • Stay hydrated!
  • Take cool baths to reduce itching.
  • Avoid hot, humid environments and stay in air-conditioned surroundings, if possible.

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