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Abdominal Swelling

Acupuncture for Abdominal Swelling

Acupuncture for Abdominal Swelling - Bethel, CT

Abdominal swelling is any enlargement or bloating of the belly area. The abdominal area houses many organs including the stomach, small and large intestines, uterus, liver and pancreas. Swelling or distension can occur as a result of an unimportant event, such as eating too much for dinner or temporary constipation to more serious conditions, such as liver disease. Other causes include pregnancy, food allergies, gas and irritable bowel syndrome.

Acupuncture can play a major role in healing the small and large intestine, where chronic swelling occurs frequently. I can help you determine the cause of the distension and use acupuncture to help your body heal. Acupuncture is a particularly effective treatment in the case of food intolerances, intestinal bacteria overgrowth, and partial bowel obstruction. In these instances, the swelling often will disappear literally overnight.