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During vertigo, patients experience spinning, loss of balance, and occasionally nausea. It can manifest in a sitting or sleeping posture, or only show once the patient stands up or walks around.

There are many potential causes, and we would do a thorough history before recommending any one direction for treatment. For example, emotional depression or anger can damage liver yin and result in the rise of liver yang or wind. Extended illness — stress, anxiety, over-pensiveness, or weak heart and spleen can cause vertigo as well as Improper diet and eating habits, stress and even overwork  —.

There are several benefits to acupuncture for vertigo that may relieve or stop symptoms, and more importantly, treat the root cause of the vertigo.

Patient Testimonials

After 2 Treatments it Was Nearly Gone!

“I have suffered from recurring vertigo for 5 years. This fall it was very severe. After just one treatment with acupuncture, I saw an improvement. After 2 treatments, it was nearly gone! I highly recommend acupuncture for any form of dizziness!” C. Canter, Fairfield, CT