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Chronic Fatigue

Acupuncture for Chronic Fatigue - Fairfield, CT

Acupuncture for Chronic Fatigue - Fairfield, CT

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also referred to as CFS) is the medical name for a series of disorders characterized by a persistent feeling of fatigue that is not caused by lack of sleep or excessive physical activity. Because CFS is a multi- faceted disease, it often takes several visits to medical professionals to diagnose. There is a virus that has been associated with chronic fatigue, the Epstein Barr virus. After a prolonged illness, fatigue can be a lingering symptom. When the body fluids have a lower pH than 6.8, as measured in the saliva or urine (correctly); fatigue, tiredness, insomnia, pain, and tension may be the resulting signs.

Acupuncture is very helpful in the treatment of the symptom as well as in the underlying causes of the fatigue. A thorough history, and an individual approach in the choice of point sites will usually give immediate positive results. Spleen and Kidney energetic systems are considered, as well as abdomen and upper back point sites. Acupuncture analysis includes a peek at the tongue, as well as checking the pulses. Improving the diet is always a good idea, as well.

From and article by Dr. Mercola:

“Acupuncture’s benefits extend to a myriad of other health conditions as well. Research suggests acupuncture works as well as counseling for treating depression, for instance. It may also improve fatigue, anxiety and depression in cancer patients in as little as eight weeks — and much more.” — READ MORE: