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Sleep Disturbances

Acupuncture for Sleep Disturbance - Wilton, CT

Acupuncture for Sleep Disturbance - Wilton, CT

A sleep disorder is a disruption of the body’s natural sleep patterns. It can be caused by a large number of problems, including night terrors, stress, grinding of the teeth, or sleep apnea. In many instances, there is nothing that can be pinpointed as the cause for the inability to fall asleep or remain sleeping. Though there are many disorders that affect the quality and/or quantity of sleep, they’re usually lumped under the label of “insomnia.”

Treatment for sleep disorders is based on the specifics of the patient and the diagnosis, family and medical history as well as the patient’s overall emotional health. Also, important to factor in is the age of the patient; treatment for children with sleep disorders will be different from that for adults who have the same symptoms. Looking into diet issues, as well as the body pH (acid-base balance) can be helpful.

CantSleepAcupuncture is helpful in treating all sleep problems. We reduce the tension in the upper body helps TMJ and teeth grinding. It also helps with numbness to the hands that can show up early in the morning – have you woken up with that ever? Some people wake up very tired! It is better to wake up rested, and acupuncture treats point sites that affect that. (Think liver meridian, as well as heart meridian). Insomnia has specific point sites- one on the inside of the wrist; There are other point sites which are chosen depending upon the time of night you tend to fall asleep or wake up. This is because the meridian energy systems involved have their high tides and low tides at certain 2-hour intervals. Trust me, acupuncture will help, and we will discuss in detail about your specific situation to determine the right treatment for you. Luckily most people experience improvement quickly, with few treatments.