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Being Angry is Irritating! Acupuncture Can Release Stagnant and Blocked Emotional Energy

Lift Your Mood with Acupuncture!

Lift Your Mood with Acupuncture!

Angry? Frustrated? Anxious or depressed? And the mood doesn’t seem to lift…?

There is no doubt that Chinese medicine has developed something of a reputation for dealing with emotional issues. Over the last decade the use of acupuncture for problems like anxiety and depression has been researched with encouraging results. Anger is an automatic emotional response to behaviors that a person cannot tolerate. A person’s anger when uncontrollable can be dangerous not only to himself, but also to the people around that person. Anger will result in damaging of relationships; a person’s judging capability, and many more things .

Chinese wisdom is that we house each of the emotions equally, and respond appropriately to all the changes of life, pleasant or otherwise. If our overall balance is out of alignment, then we exhibit inappropriate reactions which are diagnostically significant. To be angry a great deal of the time could well be traced back to specific patterns of energy, and there is a chance that correcting these patterns, in which stagnation and blockage invariably play a part, might reduce the occurrence of a problem.

This is where acupuncture plays its part. Acupuncture allows the freeing of the energy flow in a person’s body, and steadily reduces the anger levels. Treatment is always on a case-by-case basis. Likewise, the symptoms of a person suffering from an emotional disorder are different in every case, depending on a combination of a person’s biological and personality makeup. One can think that emotions are how thoughts and chemicals actually feel. A sensory experience part to the thoughts and chemicals we are made of. Choosing your thoughts carefully, and watching your diet, will improve things dramatically as well. Impeccable thought is a work in progress, as are diet choices. Start where you are and move forward from there! We each need to pick our own way as best we can.

Acupuncture is a wonderful friend for those with anger issues. Acupuncture is also a safe and natural way to treat many cases of anxiety and depression. Ranging widely in severity, anxiety and depression are often found to occur together and have overlapping symptoms. In more severe cases that are interfering with your daily activities and responsibilities over the long term, acupuncture can work in conjunction with other treatments such as therapy or medication, helping to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment and minimize side effects.

Acupuncture helps you by bringing your body into balance, giving it a chance to rest, relax and heal.

Here’s to good mental health!

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