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You Wanted Spring…But the Allergies? Acupuncture Gives Allergy Relief!

Enjoy Spring! Allergy Relief with Acupuncture!

Enjoy Spring! Allergy Relief with Acupuncture!

Spring’s sprung, your allergies have been triggered and your nose and eyes are running in fear. What do you do?

It was a long winter, for certain. And it’s not like you don’t appreciate the beauty of the flowers and the budding of the trees. But…you know what it means. Weeks of sneezing, nose-blowing, headaches…and that’s just the average symptoms.

It’s not just Spring…it’s ALLERGY SEASON.

An allergy is an immune system disorder that occurs when your body has an inflammatory, hypertensive reaction to what is a normally benign substance. Like pollen. Common conditions such as hay fever, eczema, hives and asthma are actually allergic reactions; others include food allergies, reactions to bee stings, and certain medications. There are several types of tests you can take to gauge exactly what allergens your body has a reaction to.

There are two main factors that can make you susceptible to allergens — host and environmental factors.

Host factors are items that are genetic (race, age, gender, and heredity) while environmental factors are exposure to pollution, diseases, and exposure to high levels of allergens, particularly at a young age. The dangers posed by allergies range from the merely annoying and/or inconvenient (pollen that causes a runny nose) to the truly life threatening (exposure to certain foods, such as shellfish).

Most treatments aim to reduce the discomfort of the symptoms temporarily, and they often come with negative side effects.

Well, Spring allergies…Acupuncture is always in season.

Acupuncture is one of the major holistic therapies used for thousands of years to address the underlying energetic relationships in the body that makes those allergic reactions happen. Acupuncture treatments aim to, and yes, give immediate relief from the symptoms, and further, it can address the variety of underlying causes.

Point sites for the underlying causes will be found on an individual basis after a thorough case history. Point sites for immediate relief include local points near the actual symptom places such as the sinus areas, and others not so obvious to understand such as near the hands or feet.  The point sites are always on the skin and the surface of the body.  A patient will happily experience immediate improvement of the symptoms, and be encouraged therefore to continue to pursue the underlying causes in future treatments.

Long term? The symptoms stop, and the reactiveness calms down.

You can get back to your regularly scheduled life. Enjoy the outdoors again!

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