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Happy (Day After) Thanksgiving From CT Acupuncture Center! (Now Here’s How to Get Rid Any Digestive Troubles!)


Happy Thanksgiving!

Wherever you are, whatever the weather, I hope you had the happiest and most abundant of Thanksgivings!

After the turkey has been cooked and enjoyed, the various salads and pies and after dinner treats have been eaten, and then perhaps seconds…or so…sometimes the body has a hard time dealing with all you’ve asked of it.

Digestive disorders indicate that there is a disharmony between the body organs responsible for digestion.The stomach doesn’t realize it’s Thanksgiving and it needs to up its game! When this happens over a period of many years, digestive disorder imbalances occur.

The World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture as an effective treatment for digestive imbalance as well as a wide range of medical conditions, including upset stomach.

Acupuncture corrects the imbalances and regulates digestion. Specific acupuncture points increase gastrointestinal muscle contraction and relaxation and reduce gastric acid secretion, making acupuncture helpful in treating general gastrointestinal symptoms. Acupuncture addresses the acute and immediate symptoms that are occurring in your digestive system. Acupuncture evaluates more of your history and other symptoms as well to get a greater understanding of your body’s condition, and will then choose other point sites located on your legs, arms, back, etc. to facilitate a deeper clearing and correction of the chronic symptoms you frequently experience. Food allergies, and sensitivities will improve.

Diet is a primary consideration, as are emotional issues. Stress, worry, sadness, fear, anger, and all derivatives of these basic emotions will contribute immediately to the digestive system and its ability to “stomach” your experiences and your perceptions. Relaxation before, during, and after meals helps to enable a healthy processing of food. Troubles during mealtime may switch you to a “fight or flight” mode, which shortcuts away from digestion. (Perhaps some large family gatherings might not always go as smoothly as one would hope.) Meditation is a good practice to help you maintain a healthy frame of mind for longer periods of time.

Acupuncture will give immediate improvements, and a longer series of treatments will help to clear up really stubborn conditions with deeper and older causes. And isn’t that something to be grateful for!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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