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Ready to Hear the Pitter-Patter of Little Feet? Acupuncture Increases the Odds of Fertility!


Increase Your Odds of Pregnancy with Acupuncture!

There are many who are turning to acupuncture for fertility solutions when they are having difficulty conceiving children. Acupuncture is a safe, non-invasive and easy way to potentially increase your chances of getting pregnant.

In May 2006, the journal Fertility and Sterility published two studies showing significantly increased pregnancy rates for women receiving acupuncture treatments in conjunction with the embryo transfer stage of in vitro fertilization (ITF). In one study, women receiving acupuncture were more than twice as likely to become pregnant. In another, acupuncture prior to embryo transfer increased rate of pregnancy by 50 percent. It also improves the success rate for women who do not pursue ITF and conceive by traditional means.

Acupuncture helps in curing fertility problems mainly by encouraging follicle production, improving blood circulation in the uterus, which creates a more welcoming environment for the embryo, improving uterine lining thickness, improving egg quality, treating menstrual cycle disorders and improving overall health, which leads to the ability to more easily conceive and remain pregnant. 

While 40 percent of infertility is caused by problems in the female, another 40 percent is caused by problems in the male. Male impotency can result from drug/alcohol/tobacco/steroid intake, strenuous riding (bike, horseback), genetic factors, or a number of diseases, including mumps and malaria, among others. The cause of the remaining 20 percent is through unknown factors.

One of the ways acupuncture infertility treatment increases fertility is by reducing stress, which is often a key factor in the fertility of both men and women. When people are under stress, the hormone cortizol is released in the brain. This alters the brain’s neurochemical balance, which changes hormone levels and disrupting the pituitary balance that is key to the reproductive cycle.  In men, stress can alter sperm counts, motility, and cause impotence. Acupuncture infertility treatments counter the effects of stress and cortizol by releasing endorphins in the brain. Acupuncture also works at stimulating the hypothalamus to effectively balance the endocrine system and its hormones and to get to the root cause of both male and female infertility. Acupuncture infertility treatments also have the added bonus of producing few or no side effects. 

Acupuncture is relaxing, painless and gentle. Less stress, a healthy body, balance – and the endorphins are certainly a bonus! The goal is to get pregnant, stay pregnant, and to have a healthy baby. Five out of five storks agree!

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Reproductive Problems Addressed Successfully with Acupuncture

ImageReproductive Problems is a term that covers a wide range of issues that inhibit people from being able to conceive children. It affects both men and women, but the causes (as well as treatments) vary greatly depending on the sex of the patient. A low sperm count is a major cause for men, however there are a number of factors that affect this, some hereditary and some environmental.

Reasons for women being unable to reproduce are far more numerous, but also can be due to hereditary and environmental factors. These can include diet, problems with the ovaries, Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases (PID), or any number of other issues with the reproductive system. Similar to other complex issues, each case needs to be treated differently.

Acupuncture is relevant with most reproductive issues, we help to organize a better menstrual cycle, a better hormone balance through each of the phases, and will focus on follicle formation as well as uterine wall formation. The ovaries and the uterus need to be in good health and acupuncture helps to promote that.

Point sites will be chosen depending on the set of information we gather from your health history, and tongue as well as pulse diagnosis. We will treat point sites on the center line of the abdomen (creation vessel), as well as other sites. The treatment is gentle and painless, and very relaxing. That is a good thing as women are often in a state of stress and anxiety about their fertility. We work well in conjunction with medical procedures and protocols.

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Acupuncture Treatments for Fertility Issues — Relaxing, Painless and Gentle!


Acupuncture Can Aid with Fertility Issues

Infertility is a term that refers to the inability of a person to reproduce. Although it affects men and women alike, the causes (and treatments) differ greatly. Female infertility is a more common issue, as it also covers the condition of a woman who is unable to achieve a full-term pregnancy. Like many other medical definitions, infertility is a term that covers a wide range of conditions and causes.

Female infertility can be caused by either primary factors (hormone imbalances, liver or kidney issues, genetic abnormalities) or secondary factors (smoking, STDs, high or low body weight, advanced age). Male infertility (often referred to as “low sperm count”) can result from drug/alcohol/tobacco/steroid intake, strenuous riding (bike, horseback), genetic factors, or a number of diseases, including mumps and malaria, among others.

Acupuncture treats the underlying causes, as well as the local considerations of follicle formation, uterine lining quality, and retention of the egg through the initial weeks. The hormonal system is supported as well. We begin with a complete history, tongue and pulse analysis, and chose low abdomen points as well as others- some might be on the legs, some on the back. Treatments are relaxing, painless, and gentle. It is one of my favorite things to treat, I am excited and elated when we get the good results! Yippee, or something in that order. We have seen many babies arrive on the acupuncture-stork’s wings.

“I went in to see Ingri to seek help with fertility issues. I went through ten treatments, and my baby girl, Eva Hawley Sayler was born 11/2/11. I do believe I wouldn’t have my Little Miracle without the help of acupuncture.”

–Tiffany Hawley