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“Ingri Says Relax” — Acupuncture’s Not Just for Pain!


Acupuncture is a Relaxation Station — and Relieves Pain!

In today’s stressed-out, scheduled up-to-our-ears world, we sure can use an effective way to deeply relax, that is, if we haven’t forgotten how to! Acupuncture is a to-the-point way of helping us relax deeply while it moves and balances the energy within the body. True story? People come in for various health reasons, and realize that they experience lovely and deep relaxation as a by product. Not a hard thing to get used to, that’s often why they come back!

Everyone gets stressed out, and every one feels tension sometimes. However, the bad news is that tension in the body can cause energy to be blocked, and it affects various organs and meridians within.  Everyone is different and tension affects us each differently. In some people, the build up and stagnation of energy can cause muscle tension, pain, and spasms through the shoulders, neck and temples, and cause headaches. If tension isn’t released in a healthy way, it will find an outlet, and it’s often expressed in angry outbursts — while it helps in the short run to relieve the pressure, it sure can cause damage inside and out. If this stagnation remains unresolved, it can become chronic, and can lead to habitual anger, migraines and high blood pressure among other possible symptoms. And strained relationships. 

Another place energy can get blocked is in the chest area — this can cause physical symptoms such as shallow or difficult breathing or heart palpitations. The heart is the emotional center, and tension often brings with it feelings of nervousness, anxiety or even feeling emotionally cut-off, which can lead to long- term depression and other un-fun life companions. 

So. That’s some of the bad news about how tension can affect us all (besides OCD, eating disorders, insomnia, ulcers, pain…) We’ll stop there!  Here’s the good news…

Firstly, acupuncture treatments help with insomnia, pain and eases many other stress related issues. Many people use it as a time to gather and clear their thoughts and allow their body to return to a more natural, harmonious state. When you leave, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Why is acupuncture so relaxing? 

During your acupuncture treatment, your relaxation hormones will kick in and muscle tension dissipate. Acupuncture helps to release neurotransmitters such as endorphins. They are our “feel good” hormones that invite relaxation and peacefulness during treatments. Most patients will slip into a very relaxed state, some even fall asleep. Improve your health, and get naptime too! And who couldn’t use a nap?

Acupuncture is used to unblock energy, and move it through channels in the body and either balance it or repel it from the body via the meridian system. This causes energy to flow freer in the channels of the body, allowing the person to feel more relaxed, balanced, and able to focus. For emotional tension, if there is a deficiency of energy in the heart, acupuncture can help to bring energy to the area and to balance it. Conversely there might be a stagnation of energy in the chest area, (palpitations); the energy would be released. A heart that has been closed off emotionally can start to gently relax and open. The heart must be free of blockages and illness to fully express joy, its natural emotion, to its fullest capacity. An open and relaxed heart brings joy, happiness and love.

Acupuncture treatments can bring about many positive emotions and immense relaxation. Wouldn’t that feel wonderful?

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Be Still My Heart! Acupuncture Helps with Palpitations/Arrhythmia


Acupuncture Helps with Arrythmia

Heart palpitations, also called heart arrhythmia occur when the electrical impulses to your heart bring an uneven message. You might experience them as a pounding or fluttering sensation in your chest. Most often palpitations are not serious, but they do represent an underlying imbalance which should be treated to assure good future heart health.

Common causes of heart palpitations include

• excess caffeine
• MSG (monosodium glutamate), often found in takeout Chinese food
• a strong emotional response such as anxiety, anger or even attraction! (Thus the expression, “Be still, my heart.”)
• hormone changes associated with menstruation or pregnancy
• abnormal electrolyte levels which can occur along with dehydration
• medications that contain stimulants
• consuming heavy meals
• strenuous exercise

Because of its balancing nature, acupuncture works very well to regulate the rhythms of your heart. Since acupuncture helps your body open blocked energy channels, it can help smooth the electrical impulses as well as strengthen your heart muscle so that your heart is less likely to react with unsteadiness and will function strongly. As acupuncture serves to relieve physical stress, it has a naturally healing effect on heart palpitations that result from anxiety.

Sometimes heart palpitations occur along with other symptoms or events, such as a hyperactive thyroid gland or frequent childbirth. For this reason, acupuncture is very valuable in looking at your overall health to determine and effectively treat the exact cause. The result is that with treatment, you will not only see an improvement in your other symptoms, but you will experience an improvement in your overall health.

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