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You Quit Smoking! Yay! Now You Can Help Boost The Good You Did with Acupuncture!

Yay for Quitting!

Yay for Quitting!

Congratulations! You did it!

There are many reasons why it’s great that you quit smoking — here’s the biggest one — Smoking kills one in two long-term users, with approximately five million such deaths occurring each year. The good news is that now you have an improved life expectancy and the reduction of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and hypertension.

There are some things that you can do to help your body recover from the withdrawal and addiction, and acupuncture can help with all of them, including reducing the cravings and lessening the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting. The other good news is that if you haven’t quit yet, it’s never to late to start! Because…

Acupuncture Can Help You Detoxify Your System – Acupuncture can offer a release of blocked energy from the system, and play an important role in the detoxification process.  It reduces stress, which is a major player in the production of internal toxin levels and hinders the natural healing process.  Many common acute and chronic illnesses may be alleviated by a program of cleansing detoxification.

Acupuncture Can Improve Your Circulatory and Immune System – Acupuncture increases blood circulation and restores homeostasis through the flow of Qi, providing the body energy to recuperate naturally. Because of this, acupuncture also improves the functionality of the immune system, making the body more resistant to disease. Go body! It also helps to improve the functions of the digestive system and other vital organs.   Once the body has achieved homeostasis, toxins can be expelled. Toxins begone!

Acupuncture Improves Your Energy Level So You Want To Go Out To Play Even More! Now that you can actually run up a hill and not “hack up a lung”, acupuncture can support your systems to continue to repair and restore the body. As the body relaxes and systems are brought back into healthy balance, energy levels can build and recover as well. Additionally, acupuncture can improve your digestive function which is so necessary to providing basic nutrients to the body…nutrients that support energy production.

Bonus! Endorphins! – Research has shown that acupuncture can raise the level of endorphins in the nervous system. Resembling opiates in structure and function, endorphins are the body’s natural pain killers. Cravings and withdrawal symptoms experienced by people giving up smoking or drugs can be alleviated by raising the level of endorphins in the nervous system. Some researchers also believe that the desire to eat is also mediated by the endorphin level in the brain, which would explain why acupuncture helps dieters to control their appetites. That’s great news, as you don’t want to substitute food for nicotine cravings.

Acupuncture is a powerful support tool in mental and spiritual, as well as physical cultivation and detoxification.

You quit smoking — now what else can you do?!

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Photo by Petr Kratochvil