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Reproductive Problems Addressed Successfully with Acupuncture

ImageReproductive Problems is a term that covers a wide range of issues that inhibit people from being able to conceive children. It affects both men and women, but the causes (as well as treatments) vary greatly depending on the sex of the patient. A low sperm count is a major cause for men, however there are a number of factors that affect this, some hereditary and some environmental.

Reasons for women being unable to reproduce are far more numerous, but also can be due to hereditary and environmental factors. These can include diet, problems with the ovaries, Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases (PID), or any number of other issues with the reproductive system. Similar to other complex issues, each case needs to be treated differently.

Acupuncture is relevant with most reproductive issues, we help to organize a better menstrual cycle, a better hormone balance through each of the phases, and will focus on follicle formation as well as uterine wall formation. The ovaries and the uterus need to be in good health and acupuncture helps to promote that.

Point sites will be chosen depending on the set of information we gather from your health history, and tongue as well as pulse diagnosis. We will treat point sites on the center line of the abdomen (creation vessel), as well as other sites. The treatment is gentle and painless, and very relaxing. That is a good thing as women are often in a state of stress and anxiety about their fertility. We work well in conjunction with medical procedures and protocols.

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