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Acupuncture Wins Best Supporting Needle Award for Relieving Stage Fright


Acupuncture Relieves Stage Fright

Are you one of the many artists who struggle with performance anxiety and stage fright, or someone who would rather collate budget reports for 24 hours straight than be the one to MC your department’s Power Point presentation?  You are not alone, and you are about to learn of a fabulous ally to help you deal and conquer your fear! Acupuncture!

Whether you are an amateur actor going onstage for your first performance, or an executive going in front of your boss for your end of year review, nearly everyone feels at least a little bit of excitement when performing or speaking in front of people. For some, it can develop into a full blown fear, often keeping them from levels of success they would really like for themselves.

How can acupuncture help relieve Stage Fright? Acupuncture clears your mind to concentrate and focus. It grounds you in your body, and centers your energy. builds your confidence and will power, and lessens fear and anxious thinking. Alas, poor Yorick didn’t go to the acupuncturist. I am guessing Hamlet didn’t either.

Acupuncture helps to identify causes and relevant events with effects residing in the body memory. It is good to pinpoint some of the stressed and traumatized areas, release and reduce the levels of stress, so a new level of calm and comfort is gained. When we’re calm and comfortable, we can do most anything! Point sites may be on the upper back, neck, lower back, hands or feet. The pathways involved have their own exit points which may be chosen to be treated. A common exit area chosen is at the shoulder – neck area.

Perhaps best of all (besides it working so well), acupuncture is a natural treatment that is drug-free, so there are no side effects or unintentionally strange auditions or interviews. What might work for David Mamet might not work for Smuckers.

Musicians, singers, actors, dancers, athletes, speakers and anyone who feels anxiety about speaking to people, performing physically or presenting ideas can benefit wonderfully. Acupuncture is good for reducing anger, fear, sadness, worry, anxiety, depression, and stress of all kinds. And that’s worthy of applause! Bravo!

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Author: Andrée Lambertson