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When Being Tired Just Doesn’t Stop — Acupuncture Helps with Fatigue!

Beat Fatigue with Acupuncture

Beat Fatigue with Acupuncture

Here’s an impressive statistic — over half of the American population is estimated to experience chronic or generalized fatigue. Chances are you might be one of them. The most common causes? Stress, insomnia and depression, although issues within the cardiovascular, endocrine, and digestive body systems may also be the cause of fatigue.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a disease characterized by prolonged fatigue accompanied by a combination of other symptoms, including cognitive impairment, musculoskeletal pain, headaches, and sleep disturbances. The cause remains unknown.

There is no defined therapy or standard treatment for fatigue. Associated with depression, antidepressant medications are often prescribed for fatigue symptoms, which can cause considerable side effects. Traditional therapies emphasize reduced stress, prevention of overexertion, stretching techniques (like yoga or tai chi), changes in diet, and nutritional supplements. But often the results aren’t enough.

Acupuncture is a wonderful complementary therapy for patients with CFS. A thorough history, and an individual approach in the choice of point sites will usually give immediate positive results. Spleen and Kidney energetic systems are considered, as well as abdomen and upper back point sites, as chronic fatigue syndrome involves kidney-adrenal exhaustion, spleen-stomach digestion deficiency, liver stagnation and blockage — in other words,  over-taxation of one’s vital energy resources.

Acupuncture works to resolve those issues, and corrects any imbalances. Acupuncture analysis includes an examination of the tongue, as well as checking the pulses. Improving the diet is always a good idea, including organic foods supplemented with digestive enzymes and many patients find that a gluten-free, low inflammatory diet assists as well. Meditation and gentle exercise is also helpful, but patients feel a more immediate, energy-boosting change with acupuncture. Among the most noticeable benefits of acupuncture for CFS include less pain, better sleep, relaxation, an enhanced immune system, and better overall health!

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