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The Holidays are Over! Relax and Rejuvenate with Acupuncture!


Relax and Rejuvenate with Acupuncture!

Tree was trimmed, bells were rung, toasts were clinked, confetti is cleared and now it’s time to take a breather.

Acupuncture is a fantastic way to relax, and head off tension before it starts to cause trouble. People often come for acupuncture for other health reasons and discover they are deeply relaxed as part of the end result. It’s great to feel good! But relieving tension is important for many health reasons.

Acupuncture understands the linked relationship between apparently mild symptoms such as “feeling a little tense” and it affecting different organs and bodily functions, and developing into potentially serious diseases.

Too much tension in the body can result in disharmony and illness. Tension causes blockages of energy in the body, and tension and stress affects different people in different ways. For some, the build up and stagnation of energy can cause muscle tension, pain, spasm and headaches. If the tension remains unresolved and is allowed to become chronic, it can lead to habitual anger, migraines and high blood pressure, among other symptoms. In other people, it manifests as emotional tension. Energy can stagnate in the chest area, and heart palpitations and nervousness can occur, as well as feelings of anxiety or feeling distant emotionally. Among other factors, this can be caused by chronic unexpressed emotions such as anger or grief, poor breathing habits, smoking, and emotional excesses or habits.

As acupuncture works by moving and balancing energy in the body, it simultaneously makes the person feel more relaxed, and a state of deep relaxation supports the healing process of mind, body and spirit. When a patient is brought to a deep level of relaxation, experienced either as sleep or deep meditation, they are brought into an unconscious or semi-conscious state where the unconscious mind works to resolve that which is stuck. Trauma, disappointment, guilt and uneasiness is able to be resolved within this state, and joy can take its place!

Acupuncture also has the added benefit of re-uniting the body with the mind so that the flow of electricity, blood, lymph, and qi (life force) is harmonious in the body. The end result is a place of peace; a solid foundation for managing stress. The positive changes that occur as a result of an acupuncture session can last a long time, and are cumulative in effect.

There are many relevant point sites, and the choice depends on each person’s complete story of signs and symptoms. The treatment is gentle and painless, and yes, relaxing!

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“No, I’m Not Trying To Look at You Funny!” Acupuncture Works for Acute and Chronic Neck Pain!

Happier Necks with Acupuncture!

Happier Necks with Acupuncture!

Stiff necks make you aware how much you take happy necks for granted, and how painful and cranky-making they are when you get them. And that sneezing hurts a whole lot when you have one.

What causes this awesomeness? Common causes for a stiff neck include poor posture, stress, extra hard work, reading or using hand-held devices too much, holding the neck and/or shoulders in an unnatural position (such as talking on a standard telephone “hands free”), sleeping without proper head support, poor ergonomics while working,  turning and reaching at the same time, or even exposure of the neck to a cold draft. Chronic infections, flu, Lyme disease, etc, can also include neck pain. Many people suffer neck injuries from auto accidents and/or sports or exercise related strains.

Also, most everyone has times of stress, and when we’re stressed, the majority of people who are overwhelmed by it will tell you that the physical manifestation of their stress is tightness, muscle knots, and pain in their neck and upper back. The tightness in the upper back and neck creates a slowdown in the circulation of blood and energy in the area, causing energy stagnation. In addition, as the neck becomes tight and painful, the pain can move upward causing headaches, tooth grinding, and jaw pain; or it can move downward and cause back pain and tightness, wreaking havoc with your sleep, your health, your ability to back the car out of the driveway, and certainly your attitude!

Well, guess what? Acupuncture is very helpful and quickly so! The precise location of the needles depends on the location of the pain and whether it’s sharp or dull, constant or intermittent, and other factors. Often relief is felt at the first treatment, and usually only a few are needed, with range of motion restored. When longstanding pain or injuries are the cause, then more treatments will be needed, and acupuncture will help speed the healing process. In addition, acupuncture is good at reducing the tension in the neck tendons and muscles. It can help relieve the pain and tightness in the neck by increasing the circulation of blood and energy, and it can also help to relieve stress.  Acupuncture has a relaxing effect on many people and some even fall asleep during the treatment.

For more information on how acupuncture can help you, visit us at www.ctacupuncture.com

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