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Go from “Oh No.” to “Oh Yay!” Acupuncture Relieves Incontinence!


Acupuncture Helps Incontinence!

Millions of people suffer from the potentially embarrassing and life-limiting condition of incontinence. Incontinence is where the body releases (or leaks) urine involuntarily. It tends to affect a larger percent of women than men, and is most common in elderly women. The more times a woman has given birth, the more her risk of urinary incontinence goes up. Smoking is also a risk factor.

There are a number of different types of incontinence, each with its own cause, but in most cases there is an explanation that can be pinpointed. The most common type is stress incontinence, where you leak urine when you laugh, cough, sneeze, or exercise. Another type is urge incontinence, when you may have to “go” suddenly and can’t hold the urine in. Some women have both types. Some people may experience temporary incontinence.

In many cases, other health issues in the body are the origin. These include diabetes, enlarged prostate, and brain disorders (M.S., Parkinson’s disease, strokes). Other causes are stretched pelvic muscles from pregnancy and childbirth, low estrogen levels in women, enlarged prostate in men, side effects of certain medications, recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs), and being overweight. A series of tests can determine the cause as well as the course of treatment.

A simple issue that helps the health of the bladder function as well as the irritation levels in the urinary tract, is the ph of the intercellular fluids in those tissue structures. Often a low ph (too acidic, or not alkaline enough) can be corrected easily and will improve symptoms dramatically.

Acupuncture is relevant, and gives quick improvement as well. The point sites we choose are on the lower abdomen, as well as the lower back. There will be other point sites as well. The treatment is gentle, relaxing, and painless. It is important to address other health concerns as well, and acupuncture is always holistic in its approach. It also regards illness as an imbalance within the body, with patterns and degrees of being unique to each individual, and the choice of acupuncture points is specific to each patient’s individual needs. Don’t let incontinence keep you from living life to its fullest!

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