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Acupuncture Saved My Summer

I decided to pursue acupuncture treatment, after trying multiple options.  Ingri of the CT Acupuncture Center, initially recommended three sessions to gauge my body’s reaction and literally after the first session I could already notice the signification dissipation of pain by about 70%.  Ultimately, I would have to say that in a six-week period, my pain level has really improved from about a five to less than one on a scale of ten.  This summer has been amazing.

I was healed in 3 treatments

I cannot believe how great Ingri’s treatment was! I went in thinking I had a bum knee, and she talked all of my symptoms over with me – took all the time in the world, and then … in 3 treatments – I was healed!  I had strained a ligament, and her treatments had brought the healing to the right spots – and she also explained everything along the way. I learned SOOO MUCH! She has so much common sense and such knowledge of every way that the body functions – WOW!!! She is so calm and so nice while she explains how everything works! I would HIGHLY recommend her for anything that ails you!

Baby born that night

Ingri Boe-Wiegaard induced me with acupuncture, and I started the labor contractions on the acupuncture table!! My daughter was born that night, all naturally.

Breech Baby Turns

I was 39 weeks pregnant and my baby girl was breech. After one acupuncture treatment with Ingri on my lower back points, my baby turned within the next 12+ hours. Thank you!!”

Relief from Peripheral Neuropathy

I’ve been seeing Ingri for acupuncture for treatment for peripheral neuropathy in both of my feet for several months. She is experienced, friendly and kind. Her Bethel office is very comfortable and many times I’ve found myself drifting off as I relax with the needles she has strategically placed. During each treatment, Ingri explains exactly what she is doing and why. It’s been quite a learning experience! In addition to office visits, Ingri sends out periodic emails discussing the benefits of acupuncture.

The only reason I must end my treatment is because I am moving to Florida. While my feet are not “cured,” I feel definite relief that I have not felt with other treatments (mostly medication). I hope to find someone near my new home just as knowledgeable and I will definitely miss her comfortable “bedside manner” and fun sense of humor!

Back & neck pain with headache… virtually gone after two treatments

I made an appointment with Ingri as I was experiencing intolerable pain in my upper back and neck with a resulting headache. To rate the pain level on a scale from one to ten, with ten being extreme, it was an eleven, After my first treatment ,the pain level was nearly non existent, and after the second visit, it was totally gone! Thanks Ingri.

Acupuncture relieved my pain

4 weeks ago I developed a bad case of Shingles.(chest area). I started Acupuncture with Ingri immediately. Well, 3-1/2 weeks later there was no more pain!!! And the rash has healed. My doctor was amazed when he saw me again, he could not believe how well I was!! Thank you, Ingri.

Acupuncture did what nothing else could for my back pain

L4-L5 disc inflammation. Pushing on nerve in spine. After first visit pain reduced by 50 percent. Consistent improvement in mobility, strength and flexibility after every visit since. Function at 80 percent after 8 visits. Acupuncture did what nothing else could. Priceless!

My sciatica pain is 90% better — Ingri is great at what she does

“I have a chronic low back problem stemming from bulging discs and from time to time I experience episodes of sciatica. Recently I had quite a bad flareup and decided to try acupuncture. I felt significant relief after 2-3 sessions and continued with the treatments for about 6 weeks. I can say feel 90% better and returned to my normal activity. Ingri is not only great at what she does but is very easy to talk to and comforting. Should this act up again, I’ll be back.

Anal Rectal Pain

After eight months in grueling Anal Rectal Pain, four colo-rectal Surgeons, two internists, a group of G.I. Dr’s & three failed Gaglion Blocks, I was finally put on a regimen of Acupuncture treatments that has successfully relieved & cleared the problem.