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Turn the Lights Back On! Acupuncture Brings Relief to Migraine Sufferers

Get Back to that Book! Acupuncture Brings Migraine Relief

Get Back to that Book! Acupuncture Brings Migraine Relief

Acupuncture can bring relief to those suffering from migraines, and without side effects! 

Do you or someone you love suffer from migraines? What is a migraine? Migraine is a primary headache disorder defined by a painful headache and nausea, often accompanied with an increased sensitivity to light and sound, vomiting and a pulsating sensation, which is usually only present in one side of the head.

For many, migraines can strike without warning, and can often manifest as recurring attacks, usually lasting for 4 to 72 hours and involving pain of moderate to severe intensity. Migraines can completely incapacitate the person suffering an attack. In fact, The World Health Organization places migraine as one of the 20 most disabling medical illnesses on the planet.

Who Does Migraine Affect? (courtesy of American Migraine Association)

  • Thirty-six million Americans, about 12% of the population, suffer from migraine headaches.
  • One in four households in America has a member with migraine.
  • Migraine is 3 times more common in women than men. Migraine affects 30% of women over a lifetime.
  • Migraine is most common between the 3rd and 6th decades of life in both men and women. However, migraine affects people of all ages, including children and the elderly.
  • Although most people with migraine have a few attacks or less per month, 3% of the population have chronic migraine. Chronic migraine indicates the presence of at least 15 days of headache each month for at least 6 months.migraine triggers

Triggers for a migraine include stress, changes in sleep and eating patterns, foods containing monosodium glutamate (MSG) or tyramine (red wine, certain cheeses, smoked fish and chicken livers, among others), menstruation, and sensory overloads (such as bright lights, loud noises and certain odors).

Migraines can be treated preventatively, and a few treatments will clear up most migraine patterns, permanently! The points chosen are usually on the upper back, neck, ear, abdomen, and the temple area of the head. Leg points are also relevant. Each person is evaluated individually, so the treatment points will vary. The treatment is painless and gentle, and without the side effects that over-the-counter and prescription medications bring.

Open the drapes, and turn on the lights! Acupuncture can bring relief and let you get back to your life.

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