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Winter’s Coming! Strengthen Your Immunity!

Boost Your Immunity with Acupuncture!

Boost Your Immunity with Acupuncture!

Want to increase your immunity? Try acupuncture!

Feeling sick of the cold weather already? Many Americans believe that catching two or three colds a year is normal. They endure the symptoms, often relieving them with over-the-counter medications that can cause serious health injury. They also take cold and flu shots, which can actually cause illness themselves.

But did you know that you can live your life entirely cold-free without taking anything harmful into your system? Your immune system can heal itself the second an intruder sneaks in, preventing a cold from ever happening.

How does it work? Acupuncture acts on the body’s own subtle energy system to clear obstructions and maximize the flow of energy and blood through the healing mechanisms of the body, including the nervous, endocrine and immune systems. This enhances the body’s own innate healing capacity and leads to an overall increase in energy and vitality.

But that’s not all. Treatments often bring about a sense of wonderful relaxation. It has been proven that such deep relaxation helps regulate the autonomic nervous system, which can help reduce stress and anxiety, and expand a sense of well-being. 

Acupuncture works to strengthen your immunity.  Acupuncture heals imbalances in your immune system and also restores energy channels that have become disrupted. When these channels are open, the immune system functions at an optimal level and your body stays healthy. Researchers have found that acupuncture enhances the production of natural killer cells, the body’s defense mechanisms against viruses and bacteria. Acupuncture also regulates the activity of white blood cells, which also fight against infection and allergic reactions.

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Get relief from pain, depression symptoms and more with acupuncture!

Acupuncture can address the weaknesses in the body in the same way a vaccine addresses weaknesses; by boosting energy and giving the body what it needs to strengthen itself. Acupuncture also helps the brain increase the body’s level of T-cells; cells which destroy bacteria and harmful viruses in the body.

During cold and flu season, particularly for people susceptible to colds, it’s a good idea to boost your immune system every few weeks with acupuncture. The great benefits are that besides avoiding illness, you will see numerous positive side effects, such as a deeper sleep, clearer skin and a more relaxed and positive attitude. Take that, nasty germs!

Acupuncture also aids with pain relief, easing depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and many other ailments. With acupuncture you’re ready for winter!

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